Explore life philosophy

The "Explore life" philosophy sums up everything we stand for at KILROY. Whether it is traveling around the world, doing volunteer work or taking an education abroad, the essence is about exploring and developing your personal potential. Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

Explore life manifesto:

Life is about exploring the moments that matter. Moments that no one can take away from you, that will stay with you forever.

Maybe it’s time to leave and discover what you always wanted to achieve, find the places you always dreamt of, but only vaguely imagined experiencing.

Perhaps you need to challenge yourself; realize who you are and embrace who you are becoming.

Perhaps you just have to get lost to find yourself.

There is something out there that will define you!

Explore life through travels

KILROY is your door to the World. We offer thousands of different adventure tours and activities, which is sure to awaken the travel bug in you. Meet new friends along the way and share the experience with like-minded people. We tailor the trip to include the destinations you desire to visit and can even combine it into one epic round-the-world trip.

Surf the waves, dive for hidden treasures or volunteer where help is needed. Go on an amazing safari or plan your own road trip. Or why not join a language course to kick off your trip and open up for more authentic experiences by being able to engage with the locals.

Explore life through education

We want you to fulfill your dreams of studying abroad. Take a semester or an entire bachelor's or master's degree abroad and get an unforgettable experience. Make friends from all over the World while living in a new country. Adjust to their daily routines and prepare for your professional career. We also offer great internship opportunities as well as sports scholarships for those who excel in particular sports and want to further their careers while studying abroad.

Explore life ...without going broke!

We know that traveling does not come cheap. It can be hard to limit yourself while you are on the go. And why should you? Instead you can have a look at our budget tips or consider getting a working holiday visa to make money while you travel.

In any case, bring your ISIC card, which will make your trip a littlebit sweeter and easier. It gives you access to 40.000+ discounts worldwide on anything from restaurants, museums, and theme parks to clothes, books, and electronics. Pretty cool, right?

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