The KILROY generation

KILROY's customers has been travelling the world for almost half a century!
KILROY is about exploring the world. In September 1991 we changed our name to KILROY, but our history goes all the way back to 1946. For more than half a century we have been sending people off to explore the world and we love what we are doing.

Meet some of the people we have sent out to the world. Their stories are all different and fascinating. If you are planning your first trip to the other side of the world you'll find some great advice for your trip when you read these stories. 

Meet two 1991 travellers

Meet Jacob and Clare - They were both backpacking the world in 1991. How did they book their flight tickets or communicate with worried parents back home with no Internet? Read Jacob and Clare's stories and get to know how an around the world travel was done back in 1991.


Meet the KILROY generation

Meet OlavMalinSaana, Stefan and Victor. They were all born in September 1991. Read about their life so far and about their dreams for the future. They have already done a lot of travelling and they have great advice for others going abroad.