Malin - Sweden

Malin during her time as an Au Pair in London
Meet Malin, born in September 1991. She has worked as an Au Pair in London and is currently saving up money so she can go abroad again. This time Malin wants to travel to South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Lives in

Uddevalla - Sweden

Life so far

Malin graduated from high school in 2007. She worked as an Au Pair 20 km north of London for 9 months in 2010 and 2011.

Malin loved living close to London. There was always something to do and she went into London every weekend. "Before I went to London I was thinking: I will go to London and then I will start studying. Now I want to see more before I start my studies."

Daily occupation

Malin has a job where she helps elderly people in their home. She is saving up so she can go travelling next year.

Future dreams

Malin is dreaming of travelling to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. The plan for the trip depends on how much money she can save up and on whether she can find a friend to travel with.

Malin dreams of studying to be a physiotherapist. She has considered studying abroad, but since it's very expensive she will most likely take her education in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Wants to travel because

"It's who I am. I love to meet new people and to experience new cultures. I'm curious and I want to see things."

Countries visited

Spain, Cyprus, Turkey, Croatia, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland and Austria.

Advice for other world travelers

"Be open minded and try to talk to people. You will learn so much more if you are open minded."