Olav - Norway

Olav in Bangkok in 2008
Meet Olav, born in September 1991. Together with his friend Tobias he will go for a trip around the world starting in October 2011 - lasting almost 10 months. Read more about his life so far and about his dreams for the future.

Lives in

Oslo - Norway

Life so far

Olav finished high school in 2010. Since then he has done military service.

Olav's father is a flight captain and because of this Olav has already visited a lot of countries already.

Daily occupation

Right now Olav has a summer job in the military. From October 2011 Olav will be a a full time world traveler.

Around the world

Olav's trip around the world will start in Nepal and end in South America. In between Nepal and South America Olav will visit India, South East Asia, Australia and South Africa.

In Australia Olav plans to take an untraditional route: Instead of heading up the Gold Coast, Olav will travel west along the south coast. In South Africa Olav is looking forward to a 25 day overland trip where he will experience the nature and wild life in South Africa. Another highlight on Olav's trip around the world will be hiking up to the Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal.

Future dreams

Right now Olav's main focus is his trip around the world.

Next year Olav plans to start studying Business in Bergen. He might take his master studies abroad, either in London or in the U.S. After graduating he can imagine himself working abroad for a period. Since Olav is impulsive he can't see himself in the same job for the rest of his life, instead he wants to explore the different opportunities that life gives him.

Wants to travel because

Olav wants to learn about people and cultures in other parts of the world. He also thinks that traveling can give him experiences that can be useful later in life.

Countries visited

USA, Thailand, China, England, Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark, Poland.

Advice for other world travelers

"Don't focus on the limitations. Focus on the opportunities that lies ahead. Even though you travel to a unknown country where nobody speaks English there are great services for travelers in most places."

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