Saana - Finland

Saana in Egyptian clothes.
Meet Saana born in September 1991. She has already developed a love for Egypt and several travel plans for the next years to come. Read more about her experiences as a guide in Egypt and about her thoughts for the future.

Lives in

Seinäjoki - Finland

Life so far

Saana graduated from high school in 2010. Since then she has worked as a guide mostly in Egypt, but vecause of the revolution in Egypt in the beginning of 2011 she also worked a bit as a guide in Dubai and Malta.

Daily occupation

Saana spent the summer of 2011 with her parents in Finland, but now she has gone back to Egypt to work as a guide for the next 7 months.

Future dreams

Travelling has become a way of life for Saana and she has a lot of dreams of places that she wants to explore. She's really into horseback riding and a big dream is a trip to Australia or New Zealand where she can do horseback riding in the Australian outback or in the mountains in New Zealand. She also dreams of to exploring India by train. "I don't know when I will go to India, but that's my next plan. India is a colourful country with an interesting nature and cities full of people."

Saana plans to figure out what she wants to study while she is in Egypt so she can start studying next fall. "I'm not sure what I want to study. I have a very open mind for any kind of opportunity. I want to study something where I can go abroad, but I will probably start studying in Finland and then go abroad on exchange stays."

Wants to travel because

"I really like the feeling you get when you step out of a plain in a foreign county. You immediately know that you are in a different place. People have other clothes on and the smell is completely different. Sometimes things seem different than at home but after a while you discover that there are som big similarities as well. I really like that."

"One of my best travel experiences is from Egypt where we headed out to the excavation near the Valley of the King in Luxor. In the morning we ate traditional Egyptian breakfast while we looked down the valley of the river Nile. It was mist and a bit chilly and the atmosphere was very special."

Countries visited

Greece, Egypt, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Malta, Sweden, Norway and Estonia. 

Advice for other world travelers

"I think anybody going abroad should learn a bit about the local culture and habbits in the country they are going to. Since it's very hot in Egypt some people think they can wear short skirts, but in Arabic countries woman wear long clothes. You can avoid some awkward situations if you respect the local culture."