Victor - Denmark

Victor from Denmark
Meet Victor, born in September 1991. He came home from his first backpacking trip in April this year and is already saving up money for his next trip. Read about his experiences and thoughts about travelling the world.

Lives in

Copenhagen - Denmark

Life so far

Victor graduated from high school in 2010 and since then he has spent his time traveling and working to save up money for more travel. In April this year he came home from a 5.5 month trip to South East Asia and Australia. This summer he took a short trip to Tanzania and he is going to visit Saudi Arabia in the near future.

Daily occupation

Currently Victor takes care of two jobs. He works in a coffee shop and as a chef in a small café. The money he earns is saved so he can travel.

Future plans and dreams

Right now Victor is focused on his upcomming trip to Saudi Arabia. His father works in the country and this has made it possible for Victor to be invited. Without an invitation it can be hard to obtain a visa and normally you will not be allowed to travel independently without joining an organized tour.

Victor is also saving money so he can backpack for 3-4 months next year. This time he is planning to visit Nepal and India where he hopes to do some trekking.

Next fall Victor wants to start studying comparative literature at the University of Copenhagen. During his bachelor he might take a semester or two in Berlin and if he gets hooked on studying abroad he might take his master studies abroad, but nothing's sure at this stage.

Besides travelling and working Victor spends a lot of his time writing. He enjoys writing short stories and he sometimes writes texts for competitions. He could imagine himself working as a journalist after he graduates from uni. Comparative literature can be used in a wide spectre of culture related jobs so Victor can see a lot of opportunities lying ahead after he graduates from uni.

Wants to travel because

There are two things Victor loves about travelling: "l love the fact that you end up in a kind of time warp. It doesn't matter which day of the week it is and usually I don't know what time of day it is either. I really like that you are far away from your everyday life when you travel."

"Another thing I love about travelling is that you get to talk to people with totally different life experiences. In Cambodia I met people that had so little and they where really happy."

Countries visited

Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, Laos, Cambodia, Tanzania, USA, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, England and Sweden. 

Advice for other people traveling the world

"I have met a lot of travellers being nervous about touts and dangers. Of course you should be critical, but sometimes people are so nervous that they tend to keep themself from experiencing what's out there. I have been scammed and this happened at a point when I had been travelling for quite long, so I should have been alert. It can happen to anyone. Even though you have bad experiences I think it is important to be open minded about the people you meet. Use common sense and get out there and experience stuff."