CSR and Gender Equality policies

By its very nature, the KILROY Group’s business promotes understanding and respect among cultures. To define ambitions and actions in regard to our social responsibility, we have taken our first steps in defining a CSR and gender equality policy.

We have an ambition that we, through responsible behaviour, can contribute positively to the people we serve and the societies in which we operate. We believe we can ensure long-term, sustainable value for our staff, customers, suppliers, authorities and other stakeholders.

To achieve this ambition, we will concentrate our efforts on areas where we’re certain that we can make a difference. We also want to send the signal that actions speak louder than words. That’s why we call our CSR strategy "Walk-the-Talk."

Download the full CSR and Gender Equality document from the link below:

CSR and Gender Equality policies

CSR and Gender Equality policies
The KILROY Group - CSR and Gender Equality policies. Updated April 2018.
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