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General terms and conditions for KILROY Netherlands

1. Obligations of the customer

It is responsibility of the customer to see to it that all information supplied to KILROY is correct. Information about age and studies is always documented. It is of extreme importance that the first and last name on the ticket correspond with the passport. Should this not be the case, immediately contact KILROY. Not supplying this information or incorrectly may have serious consequences and can, in the worst-case scenario, result in rejection of the booked travel products. KILROY will not be liable for the potential additional costs resulting from the incorrect supply of information. If rejected on the flight because you are not in possession of the required, passport, visa, and health declarations (also applies to transit traffic) KILROY cannot be held responsible for potential additional costs. The same applies in case of rejection due to aggressive behaviour or non-compliance with other codes of conduct imposed by the organisation. Any and all documents provided by KILROY are personal and cannot be transferred to others.

2. Agreement and payment terms

By means of a (down) payment, you confirm the agreement and the services requested by you will be booked. The payment shall be processed in the offer / on the invoice. Always check your personal details. The first and last name must correspond exactly as written in the passport. Up to the moment of the (down) payment the agreement is not legally binding. Potential price changes that take place between the moment of the optional booking and the actual booking are passed on to the customer. Calculation example:

Fuel surcharge (Oil) Price:  € 2000 The oil prices increase: € 100 New price:  € 2100

Foreign currency Price: $ 500 exchange rate of 0.8 = € 400 New exchange rate: 0.85 New price:  € 425

Taxes Price: € 2000 Airport tax: € 100 Airport tax increases to € 150 New price: € 2150

Post expire date mentioned in the offer, the agreement will no longer be valid. Please contact KILROY to request a new offer in case the payment date has expired.

3. Travel documents

Unless stipulated otherwise, electronic tickets and other travel documents are sent by email no later than 10 days prior to departure. Check all your travel documents immediately after receipt. It is particularly important that the itinerary and the electronic tickets are checked thoroughly. It is part of your own responsibility to ensure that the first and last name on your travel documents correspond exactly as written in the passport. Should something not be in order then immediately contact KILROY. Incorrect information provided by the customer can result in extra costs and will be passed on to the customer.

4. Passports / Visa / Vaccinations

Each and every traveller is personally responsible for compliance with the required passport, visa, and vaccination provisions (also applies to transit traffic). For the current provisions consult the correct authorities, e.g. embassy, family doctor, etc. Information supplied by KILROY is not binding. Take into account that for a number of countries the passport must at least be valid for 6 months after arrival and that it is usually not possible to enter a country with a one-way ticket.

5. Travel insurance

Each and every traveller is personally responsible for taking out adequate insurance. Many issues are not, or only partly, covered by the basic insurance. Therefore a (supplementary) travel insurance is highly recommended. Ask our travel experts for more information. Please note that if you extend your stay, you need to extend your travel insurance too. It is the travellers own responsibility to do so.

6. Taxes

Many airports and airlines charge local departure taxes or surcharges. These costs are levied by the local authorities and are often included in the airline ticket. However, there are countries where you need to pay a departure tax to the authorities locally. Usually this had to be paid in the local currency. So make sure that you check upon arrival if you still need to pay local taxes upon departure.  Alternatively, keep some local currency to pay a potential departure tax.

7. Cancellation / change

KILROY applies 100% cancellation costs in respect of any and all products. In this respect article 12.2.C and D of the Travel Terms and Conditions of the Dutch Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators (‘ANVR’) is observed. That is why we recommend taking out a cancellation insurance. The possibility of changing the travel dates and the relevant costs depend on the carrier. Your KILROY travel expert shall inform you of the rules regarding changes prior to departure. The possibility of changing does at all times depend on the availability and can therefore not be guaranteed.

8. Important flight information

Be careful when combining individual tickets. In case of individually issued tickets airlines are not held to offer you an alternative flight if you miss your flight because your other flight was delayed. The airline shall neither be liable for the costs of new tickets, accommodation, etc. that may consequently occur. In case of individual tickets, you also need to pick up and check in your luggage in again after each transfer. Please note that KILROY only acts as an agent for the airline. Only the latter is responsible for potential delays, changes and cancellations. For more information about compensation in case of delays, changes and cancellations, we refer you to: http://www.rechtenvanvliegtuigpassagiers.nl/.

Any and all flights on the ticket must be used in the sequence that you booked them; if you do not use a flight then the subsequent flights shall automatically be cancelled. The latter because you are then recorded as a ‘no-show’. KILROY cannot be held liable for potential losses, including the costs for new tickets, in case of a no-show of the passenger. Example: Departure: Amsterdam - London, Return: London - Amsterdam. If you do not use Amsterdam – London then the return London – Amsterdam is automatically cancelled by the airline. If you want to make changes in your itinerary, always contact KILROY.

9. Complaints

In case the trip seriously differs from what has been booked, this must forthwith be reported on the spot to the relevant service provider or the travel management, in order that a solution can be sought. If they are not present or available, contact KILROY. A complaint after completion of the trip must always be submitted in writing within, at the latest, 6 weeks after return.

If your luggage did not arrive then you must immediately, and before leaving the airport, complete a PIR (Property Irregularity Report) at the relevant airline.

In any cases of discrepancies or complaints concerning your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us. Should you for any reason not be satisfied with the
outcome, KILROY obliges to inform you that you may refer your case to The European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution.

10. Other terms and conditions

KILROY is affiliated with IATA, SGR and ANVR. Apart from the aforementioned terms and conditions the Travel and Booking Terms and Conditions of the ANVR are also applicable. In case of a package travel, airline ticket plus land arrangement, the Travel Terms and Conditions of the ANVR are applicable. In case of just an airline ticket the Booking Terms and Conditions of the ANVR are applicable. For more information and the terms and conditions go to ANVR.nl.      

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