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About us

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We are a social bunch of travel fanatics who help young curious minds embark on life-defining adventures in all over the world.

Whether it comes to backpacking, studying abroad, doing volunteer work, learning new skills or planning your next big dream trip, we specialize in making that experience as great as it could be. Because we believe that travelling the world and experiencing other cultures has a profound positive impact on you.

Our Manifesto
The impacts of traveling should not be underestimated.  A journey isn’t just “time off”. It’s an experience. We believe that traveling  the world and seeing different cultures makes for a better you, and thus, a better world.  Experience taught us that the person who ends a journey is different from the one who started it. So, traveling is much more than just leaving home. It’s meeting the world. New people, new places, new perspectives. To us, these elements can make for a powerful force for good. They can shift mindsets. And give us a new outlook on the world. That’s why we believe in the power of travel.

"We believe in The power of travel"

Since our early beginnings, our purpose has been to make travelling easy by offering tailor-made expert advice and affordable trips for young people.

We specialize in tailor-making exciting and unique travels, full of thrills and personal growth, for modern-day explorers. By combining our knowledge and experience with the travelers’ specific needs, we help them go on the trip of their dreams – whether that entails secluded beaches, deep jungles, big cities, dusty villages or white mountaintops.

KILROYs concepts stretches across school- and study trips for young learners, gap year travel, university education abroad as well as meaningful vacations for the curious minds.

Kilroy Swaters Mountains

KILROY, who?

  • Established in 1991 and today the largest youth and student travel agency in the Nordic region.

  • 13 stores in seven markets across the Nordics and Benelux.

  • 100 passionate travel consultants with extensive travel expertise in all of our destinations.

  • Helping 180.000 travelers annually to make their travel dreams come true (pre-covid).

  • An international work environment with employees from 15 nationalities.
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How does it work?

It is actually quite simple – the first step is yours to take.

  1. You probably have a bucket list of places you want to visit and things you want to experience. Send it our way! 

  2. When we have your bucket list, we will get to work and tailor a unique travel suggestion for you. We’ll work together with you, tweaking the itinerary until we are sure that we have created the trip of your dreams. 

  3. We keep in touch with you both before and during your trip, sending you our best tips and tricks, thus making sure that your trip will be nothing less than amazing!

Responsibility & Climate
Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures - responsible travel isn't rocket science. At KILROY we like to help a new generation of youths and students to be world travellers - with respect for local nature and culture. But there's more to it than that. With flight shame and climate change playing a bigger role than ever, we think it's important to highlight the positive impact of travel. By experiencing different cultures and lifestyles we gain new perspectives on the world, helping to bridge the gap between cultures, religions and customs. All of this has an influence on you as an individual, but also on the local communities in the destinations you visit. Tourism is still one of the major sources of income in many countries, especially in the lower social classes. We mainly work with smaller, local suppliers all over the world, ensuring that most of the profits end up where they belong. While we wholeheartedly believe in the positive impact of travel, we full well realise that as a travel agency we play a part in the CO2 emissions we and our customers emit while expanding our horizons. We've partnered up with MyClimate to be able to offset the real CO2 emissions of our trips through handpicked projects in Madagascar and Nicaragua. Read more about our partnership by clicking the link below.
KILROY x MyClimate

Why choose us?

  • Real people, real advice: We believe in human connections, also when it comes to planning your next dream trip. Talk to an expert who have been exactly where you want to go, compared to those endless Google searches. 

  • A company your mum will trust: We have been around for a long time and that's for a reason. We got your back in case something happens. We've been trusted and recognized for our service for more than three decades - and we plan to stick around for the next decades as well.

  • Get more, pay less: We collaborate with the best airlines, train networks, surf schools, adventure suppliers and NGO's from all over the world to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. 

  • Join other like-minded travelers: The best travel moments are shared with others. Through our small group trip adventures you will meet other travelers just like you. Say goodbye to feeling alone or insecure about exploring the world.

  • The KILROY Way: We don't do the cookie-cutter kind of package vacations. We create all of our trips based on a framework we call "The KILROY Way", focusing on more immersive, adventurous and sustainable ways of travel. Read more about The KILROY Way here!
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Did you know?
Our history does in fact go all the way back to 1946 and the end of  World War 2 when student organizations in the Nordic countries established travel agencies to promote affordable travel for cultural understanding and tolerance.

The legend behind the name

Young James Kilroy worked on the docks of Boston back in the 1940s. His job was to load the great steamships of that day with cases of cargo bound for every corner of the world.

One early November morning, the weather was grey and gloomy, and Kilroy felt more like staying indoors, sheltered and under cover. “Hey Kilroy,” his foreman yelled, “You're daydreaming again. Can't you ever get anything done?”

Kilroy was used to the foreman and his insults. And the cargo boxes were waiting to be loaded.

There was no way around it: It had to be done, and he might as well get on with it. But as Kilroy bent down to pick up one of the wooden boxes, he was struck by a great idea.

With a piece of chalk, he wrote in big bold letters on each box: “KILROY WAS HERE” As these cases turned up in foreign ports all around the world, Kilroy's spirit reached across the world as well - a really effective way of getting around!

From that moment on, whenever the foreman shouted at Kilroy that he wasn't getting anything done, Kilroy just smiled. He knew better. In ports all over the world there were daily reminders that the foreman was wrong. Kilroy knew that there's more than one way of crossing borders, and breaking through all kinds of barriers to be free and independent! 

Useful links

  • Group Policies & CSR: Download and read the latest version of our Group CSR and Gender Equality Policy
  • Annual Reports: You can find financial information about KILROY in our annual reports.
  • Job at KILROY: Are you dreaming about a career at KILROY? See our open positions and how to apply.
  • Terms & Conditions: For general terms & conditions - click here. For online purchases of flight tickets - click here.

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