Stefan - The Netherlands

A picture of Stefan on a trip to Italy
Stefan is starting his third year at the University of Amsterdam this fall. This semester he will be going to Canada as an exchange student. Read more about his thoughts about his future career and studies.

Lives in

Amsterdam - The Netherlands

Life so far

Stefan graduated from High School in 2009 and started studying at the University of Amsterdam the same year. During his studies he has had a part time job working in a movie theatre in Amsterdam. 

Daily occupation

Stefan is studying Sociology and Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. This fall he is starting his third year and this semester he will go to Canada as an exchange student at The University of Toronto.

Future dreams

Stefan really likes to study and luckily he is also good at academics. He is quite sure that he will continue with master studies after he finishes his bachelor. Right now he hasn't decided anything about what and where to take his master studies though. He might continue studying at the University of Amsterdam, but it is just as likely that he will move to another city in the Netherlands or that he decides to study at a university abroad.

Since Stefan really likes the academic world he can see himself working with research for a research company in the future, but right now he hasn't decided anything.

Wants to study abroad because

"I want to experience how its like to study abroad. I want to see and experience the daily life of students in another country and I want to learn more about the academic culture at a foreign university. At the University of Toronto I can study Ethnic Sociology and I can't study this at The University of Amsterdam, so I'm quite excited about this opportunity."

Countries Visited

Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Canada and USA.

Advice for other world travelers

"Three years ago I travelled through Canada and the United States in a motor home. Canada and the States both have a wild nature and with a motor home you can camp out at the country side. I would recommend anyone to do this."