The Legend - KILROY was here!

Young James Kilroy worked on the docks of Boston back in the 1940's. His job was to load the great steamships of that day with huge cases of blue jeans bound for every corner of the world.
KILROY was here - The Legend
James Kilroy used work on the docks of Boston back in the 1940's.

One early November morning the weather was gray and gloomy, and James Kilroy felt more like staying indoors, sheltered and under cover. "Hey Kilroy, you day dreamin' again?? Can't you ever get anything done?" Kilroy was used to the foreman and his insults. And the cases full of 100,000 blue jeans were waiting to be loaded. There was no way around it - it had to be done, might as well get on with it. But as Kilroy bent down to pick up one of the heavy wooden boxes, he was struck by a great idea - an idea so good, he just had to do it. With a piece of chalk he wrote in big bold letters on each and every box: KILROY WAS HERE!

As these cases turned up in foreign ports all around the world, Kilroy's spirit reached across the world as well - a really effective way of getting around!

From that moment on, whenever the foreman shouted at Kilroy that he wasn't getting anything done, Kilroy just smiled. He knew better. In ports all over the world there were daily reminders that the foreman was all wrong. Kilroy knew that there's more than one way of crossing borders and breaking through all kinds of barriers to be free and independent.