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Surfing in Central America


Surf camp in Central America

Are you going to Central America as part of your dream trip? What do you say to try the power of surfing on the blue waves as an extra cool experience on your journey? When you are in a surf camp you live with other youngsters, who share the same dream as you to become a pro on the surf board. You get surfing lessons from skilled instructors and in the evenings you get to enjoy the company of all the like-minded surfers staying at the camp.

Are you a 'rookie' or an 'expert' on the surf board?

Surfing is for everyone and so is surf camp! The teaching is tailored to your level, so whether you are a beginner og an experienced surfer, the instructors will challenge you on the waves and you will learn new techniques on the surf board. Housing, most meals as well as lessons and surf gear are included in the price, so the only thing you need to add is the flight ticket. If you need help with this, we will of course help you.

Why surf in Central America with KILROY?

Feel safe
We work with experienced partners that are thoroughly vetted and quality checked. No matter where you travel, you can rest assured that things are in order and you're in good hands.
Always there
We're with you all the way. If something unexpected happens, you can trust that we're there to help you out.
Plan in advance
We're all for freestyling but deciding on certain things before you go saves you from spending precious travel time sorting out practicalities.

Find the best surfing experience for you

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