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10 good tips for backpackers


10 good tips for backpackers

Where should I go? When should I go? How much does it cost? What should I bring with me? What do I need to do before I leave? These questions are very common when you start planning your trip around the world. That’s why we’re here! Below you will find our travel advisors top 10 tips when it comes to planning your trip around the world.

1. The cost is often slightly higher than you expected

Fólk að skipuleggja heimsreisu með því að skoða kort

Once you've paid for your airline tickets, vaccinations and all your organized trips, you'll feel like your biggest spend is over - and it is! But remember that you still haven’t travelled yet. According to our advisors, most people end up spending a little more than they planned. The main reason is that things often come up that you don't want to miss out on but didn't expect to have to spend money on, such as learning to dive in Bali or skydiving in New Zealand. So remember that having a little extra pocket money could make your trip that much better.

2. Take changes with an open mind

Maður á flugvellinum að skoða hvert hann er að fara

You have probably already decided where you want to go and what you want to experience. However, you must remember that there may be changes in the itinerary caused by things like roads being closed or bad weather. We recommend taking these changes with open mind because more often than not, the most precious memories are created due to those situations.

3. Check your luggage several times!

Bakpokaferðalangur að pakka í bakpoka

You have packed and everything is ready! Still, note that you have most likely packed something you have no need for and are going to be annoyed to have to carry around the world. So, do yourself a favour when you think you have a package to repack everything a few times. Don't bring 5 sweaters!

4. Don't forget a headlight

Bakpoki á bekk í frumskóginum

The headlight may not be very cool but as a backpacker you will encounter situations where it is necessary. Invest in a good one and avoid stepping on cockroaches in the dark.

5. Electricity and more electricity

Sími í hleðslu við hleðslubanka

We always need to charge all our devices and as you know, plugs can vary greatly across countries. Don't carry around many different adapters but invest in one worldwide travel adapter.

6. Will you go on a road trip on your trip?

Fætur ofan á bílþaki

Will you be taking a road trip by car or camper while travelling? Then it’s awesome to have a cooler with you that you can connect to the electricity in your car (just buy it right before - don't travel with it from home). That way you can save money and always have cold drinks.

7. Do you need to re-confirm flights?

Bakpokaferðalangur stendur undir flugvél sem er að taka af stað

When you start your journey and are enjoying life on a dreamy beach, you are not necessarily thinking about your next flight. We recommend that you check the airlines rules and whether you need to re-confirm any bookings. Also, remember to always check your spam inbox - it sucks to miss out on flight changes.

8. Flip-flops

maður í flip flops

Take your flip flops with you - whether you're traveling in hot climates or not. It is much more fun to shower in flip flops than to stand in the hair and soap residue of those who were showering before you.

9. Bring hand sanitizer and paper towels

kona með grímu

It has never been as important to have hand sanitizer at the ready. You will discover that not all places have running water, soap, and toilet paper. It is therefore necessary to have paper towels and hand sanitizer with you!

10. Travel Insurance - Don't Forget it!

Bakpokaferðalangar í Japan

Finally, we can all agree that it is very important to have a good travel insurance. Remember, the blue EU health card does not apply when traveling outside Europe and credit card insurance is often valid for only three months. So, invest in good insurance.



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