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10 ways of capturing better travel photos

10 ways of capturing better travel photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here are 10 tips on how to visualize your best moments from your adventures through cool photos.

Inspirational Mobile Mountain Patagonia

1. Plan ahead

Do you have a photo in mind, or have you seen a motif you want to recreate? Save a similar image on your phone so you can use it as inspiration on your trip.


2. Use depth to bring the elements in the photo to live

By having both front and back elements, as in this picture of a person in front of the Taj Mahal in India, you create a situation that makes the subject both more vivid and interesting.


3. Reflections and shadows

Don't let reflections and shadows become your enemy. They can help create an extra dimension in the image, and thus become part of the subject. Like here, in the Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia.


4. Selfie stick (minus the actual selfie)

It's a love-hate relationship, we know. It may not be something you'd normally want to acquire, but a cheap investment like this can make your images far better. With a selfie stick you can take photos over edges, in hooks and in heights your arms would otherwise not be able to reach.



5. Get up early

If you get up before the sun, you will have a unique experience that the sleepy headss can only dream of! Nothing beats seeing the first rays of the sun hit the landscape, like dawn at the Bagan Temple in Myanmar.


6. People vs. nature

A great way to show a majestic landscape is to place people in front of it - this works just as well underwater as above. Like here from Nusa Lembongan in Indonesia.


7. Look up!

By photographing from ground level (pull your camera all the way down to stomach height) and up, you can create dramatic effect in landscapes that otherwise seem tame and dull. For example, the massive housing blocks in Hong Kong as in this photo.


8. Go high!

Be creative and daring when photographing while traveling. As long as it doesn't go beyond your own and others' safety, all crazy ideas should be tested.



The image of the woman is a cool way to show some of the culture in Salvador, Brazil. Just remember to show respect, ask about laws and last but not least SMILE when taking pictures of people! At least if you expect to get a smile back :-)


10. Don't be afraid

Pictures of landscapes, sunsets and flowers may be interesting from time to time, but the best travel memories are often the ones that show the people you meet, the ones you travel with and not least, yourself. Tip: Ask other travelers if they want you to take a picture of them. That way they might return the favor and take one of you. 

Finally, here's 5 quick tips:

  1. Keep an eye on the light, it is alpha omega when capturing a great photo!
  2. Avoid 'forced situations'. You know, the ones with the forced smiles and awkward eyes? People "in action" are much more interesting to look at!
  3. Look around! Is everyone facing their cameras towards one subject? Often, what happens around that, is much more exciting.
  4. Always have the camera available, even if it's just your mobile phone.
  5. Bring a disposable camera when traveling. Then you're guarantied to have something to look forward to when you return home. In addition, it's quite different to just snapping away photos on your phone. 

Want to actually learn how to capture better photos?

Of course you want, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. We've recently launched an amazing trip to Bali, where you will learn to be a better photographer. Read more about the trip here.

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