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12 reasons why traveling makes you happy

12 reasons why traveling makes you happy

If you are like us, you will recognize yourself in this - the buzzing feeling of happiness that spreads through your body whenever you have just booked your next trip. Like you, we can't wait until we are able to travel the world once again, because nothing truly makes us happier than experiencing the many wonders of the world. Here are our 12 reasons why! 

1. Increased confidence

When traveling, it often happens that you encounter unforeseen situations - yes, even when you have planned everything to a point. When you feel that you can handle these situations on your own, it will contribute to increased confidence. You should also not fear these unforeseen situations, as they will also help you become more solution-oriented. Two birds with one stone!

2. Infectious joy

En smilende kvinne i Salvador, Brasil

You have probably experienced meeting people who spread joy with their good humor and kindness. Well, when you travel, you will have great opportunities to meet locals around the world who are doing just that! In the vast majority of cases, locals are happy when they socialize with tourists - talk to them, listen to them and let yourself be infected by their enthusiasm.

3. There's no place like home

At least that is what the saying sounds like, although we are not entirely sure if we agree. Either way, there is a certain truth to it, as you appreciate what you have, when you have been away. Seeing friends and family again after traveling brings joy to most people!

4. New friendships

Nye vennskap

Creating new friendships is a lot easier when traveling! People are more open and interested in meeting like-minded when they are in a new place. After all, we know that socialization makes us happier - therefore, traveling makes you happier!

5. Disconnect

When traveling, access to the internet is not always a matter of course, which also has its benefits. Disconnecting from social media can do wonders for your peace of mind and help make you happier. Put away the cell phone and enjoy not being available 24/7. You are on an adventure - Instagram can wait!

6. New experiences, new knowledge

Du lærer mye nytt på reise

No matter where you travel, you will come home richer in both experience and knowledge. Whether you are learning to surf in Bali or taking Spanish classes and salsa dancing in Cuba, traveling is a great way to acquire new knowledge and skills.

We've recently launched a new concept, where we combine traveling and learning. We call it Re:Discover, and you can read more about it here.

7. Live here and now

This is somewhat related to one of the previous points - it focuses on getting a break from the daily routine and everyday stress. When traveling, you can forget everything called 'should do', 'should have done' and 'must remember'. Just live in the now and enjoy yourself when traveling - at least it makes us happier!


Deilig klima

Here on our latitudes, we have dark and looong winters that can make most people feel depressed. Traveling to warmer regions with long sunny days will have a positive impact on your mood, because who would not be happier with a flavorful drink in your hand at a beautiful sandy beach? Well, no one we know...

9. You become more interesting

The more you travel, the more fun, bizarre and exciting stories you will be able to tell your friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Making people laugh or gasp with your travel stories will not only make you more interesting, but will also increase you self-esteem.

10. Good memories

Nye opplevelser skaper mange gode minner

Traveling is one of the best ways to create good memories. A great deal of traveling is about adventures and sights - whether it is spectacular scenery, wildlife on safaris, or amazing buildings - and you will feel the joy you felt during these experiences each time you think back on your trip!

11. You become more tolerant

When you travel to new places and meet people from other cultures with a different religion and background than yourself, you will also learn that 'different' is not synonymous with 'dangerous'. On the contrary! Traveling will make you more tolerant and increase your understanding of cultural differences, which in turn will make you more relaxed and happier.

12. The happiness when you book your next trip

Hvor går din neste reise?

You know the feeling you get when the tickets and itinerary for your next trip are in place? When you look at photos from your destination, count down the number of days, plan excursions and make a packing list. That feeling is called happiness!

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