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15 places you must visit before you turn 25


15 places you must visit before you turn 25

The world is big (though it may seem small in today’s circumstances) and there are an infinite number of things to see and experience... but some places you just have to visit while you're still young! Certain cities, festivals and things are much more fun to experience while nothing is tying you down and you’re still young and free. So here are 15 places you must visit before you turn 25!

1. New Zealand

The adrenaline junkie’s paradise! This place is ideal when you want to go parachuting, bungee jumping, rafting, rock climbing, snowboarding, zorbing and so much more!

2. India - The Holi Festival

India is a whole world by itself and there you will find cultures that you will not find anywhere else in the world! If you want to experience the joy of colour and a truly good time, the Holi festival is the perfect thing for you. It's something everyone should experience at least once in their life!

3. Costa Rica

If you go to Costa Rica, we recommend that you go volunteering, because there is no better way to experience the amazing wildlife the country has to offer! There are also so many other exciting things to experience in Costa Rica, for example surfing, diving, the incredible beaches, and the lush jungles.

4. South-Africa

South Africa is a real dream destination for backpackers. Experience the surf in Cape Town and then take the bus and get to know other backpackers on your way to Johannesburg.

5. Croatia

Croatia is such a beautiful country and one of the best ways to experience Croatia is to sail between different islands with other young adventurers. Going island hopping is never a bad idea!

6. Indonesia

In Indonesia you will find many of the most beautiful diving locations in the world! We recommend diving by Gili Islands, Komodo Island or Pulau Weh Island. There you will experience a whole new world as well as amazing wildlife beneath the surface.

7. Brazil

Brazil is the perfect country for backpackers! It’s huge, incredibly diverse and is connected by very convenient bus transports. Experience fun cities, great beaches, and colourful living.

8. Australia

Going on a road trip around Australia is amazing! Renting a campervan is a great way to experience Australia because you combine both your transport and accommodation. So, if you are looking for freedom when travelling, this is it! It doesn’t get any better than getting to choose the view you wake up to every morning.

9. Mongolia

Speaking of amazing, a train ride through Russia, Mongolia, and China is amazing! You visit isolated places, meet the locals on the train and see unique natural wonders.

10. California

Learning to surf in California is like learning to make pizza in Italy! California is the birthplace of today’s surfing culture so experience the beaches, the waves, the tanned locals, and the wonderful cities that California has to offer.

11. Kenya

Going on a safari is an incredible experience - going on a camping safari is even better! You’ll want to go while the thought of camping every night and staying in the middle of a national park is still fascinating to you (so before the back pain sets in). Kenya has some of the most amazing safari experiences in the world so get ready to tick the “Big 5” of your list!

12. Peru

There is so much to see and do in Peru! Walk the Inca Trail up to Machu Picchu, spend a few days in the Amazon, stay with a family on an island in Lake Titicaca, and try sandboarding in Huacachina.

13. Barcelona

Spending a few weeks studying spanish during the summer in Barcelona is an unforgettable experience! You’ll get to know new people from different countries, experience new culture and see this fun and exciting city in a way you wouldn’t have otherwise.

14. Canada

Canada's natural beauty is indescribable! Take a stroll through many of Canada's most beautiful parks, go camping and satisfy your inner adrenaline junkie with river rafting and extreme zip lining.

15. Thailand

A giant party on a white sandy beach on a small island just outside Thailand where all the other backpackers gather for fun sound. Do we need to say more?



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