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5 unique experiences that will make you fall in love with South Africa


A destination for the picky traveller

South Africa is truly a magical travel destination. Why? Because here, you'll find it all. Stunning beaches, busy big cities, incredible landscapes and an amazing wildlife - both on land and at sea. If you're still not convinced, we have gathered 5 experiences that will, once you've tried them that is, make you fall in love with beautiful South Africa. Guaranteed.

Volunteering in Cape Town
On the Adventure Club project, you'll help disadvantaged kids in the local communities by giving them some valuable life lessons through sports such as skateboarding and surfing.
Read all about the project here

The Adventure Club Volunteer project in Cape Town

Do you want to combine some volunteering with your trip to South Africa, then this project might be something for you! It's one of the most popular projects that we collaborate with in South Africa, and the outcome of the daily work with the kids will first and foremost benefit the local children, but chances are, that you'll also grow on a personal level through your time here.

And don't worry, you'll still get a chance to get the full Cape Town-experience. Most of your day will be spent outdoors and on the beaches, just together with local kids. Does that sound great or what?    

8 epic days in a surf camp
If you're into surfing and you're into bonding with other young people from all over the world - check out this opportunity!
Read all about the surf camp

8 days surf 'n' stay in Cape Town

We're staying in the surf universe. South Africa is known as one the very best destinations in the world. If your passion is surfing - this is the place to go. This 8 day camp in Cape Town gives you the possibility to learn how to surf like a pro. Besides that, you can look forward to a great atmosphere in the camp with other young people from all around the world. Oh, and did we mention that the location is superb? Well, you don't get a better chance of exploring Cape Town while learning to surf! 

Included is accommodation, 7 x breakfast, use of equipment during your stay, transfer to the beach and surf lessons. 

Go for an epic safari adventure
South Africa boasts one the best national parks in Africa if you're into wildlife spotting, so how about 5 amazing days in Kruger National Park?
Check out the Kruger Safari here

Spot wildlife on safari in Krüger National Park

This national park a few hours from Johannesburg is one of the very best places in the whole continent, if you want to spot the amazing wildlife that Africa is so proud of. That includes the popular Big 5 such as elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos and buffalos - if you're lucky. Prepare for some nice game drives in the national park together with a group of other cool adventurers, just like yourself. Spotting wildlife will never be the same after you've experienced Krüger!


Volunteering with animals in South Africa
Do you love cats? Do you love big cats? Then check out this volunteer project that aims at helping hurt, mistreated and endangered cats. Get ready to an awesome time with volunteers from all parts of the world!
Read all about the project here

Volunteer at the Big Cat Centre

The Big Cat Centre is located around 30 km from Kimberley close to the border between Free State and Northern Cape in South Africa. Here you'll get a chance to help out at one of the most popular wildlife volunteering projects in South Africa. The farm's mission is to raise or treat all animals with the purpose of releasing them into the wild at some point if possible. Together with volunteers from the whole world, you'll get a great variety of tasks during your stay which will hopefully give you some valuable personal experiences as well as being beneficial to the animals being in treated in the farm.

Rent a campervan
If you wanna experience South Africa on your own terms, we can recommend that you rent a campervan and go for a road trip! You decide where to go and when.
Campervans in South Africa

Epic road trip through South Africa

South Africa has absolutely stunning landscapes. And what better way to experience that, than through a road trip? Fly in to either Johannesburg or Cape Town, rent a campervan or car and cruise your way through one of the most diverse countries in the world. Check out the Drakensberg mountains, drive the beautiful Garden Route and enjoy the cozy beach villages along the coast line.  



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