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7 benefits of traveling by yourself


7 benefits of traveling by yourself

Can’t find a travel buddy? That’s totally fine! Traveling alone is not as difficult as you might think. So don't make the mistake of cancelling your dream trip because you’re by yourself. Just take a look at our 7 benefits of traveling by yourself.

1. You get to know new sides of yourself

kona að ferðast ein að halda á korti

You will face new challenges when travelling alone and discover that what at first appeared to be a huge problem was in fact easy to solve. This way you will get to know new sides of yourself and will be able to take on new challenges when you get back home.

2. Getting to know other travelers is easier than you think

hópur af ferðalöngum að knúsast

And it’s not because you are trying more than usual, but because others often find it easier to start talking to someone sitting alone then someone in a group. As long as you are in a place where there are other backpackers, you will not have any problems meeting new people.

3. You're the boss!

It is entirely up to you what you want to see and do. You are free as a bird and can change your travel plans as you see fit.

4. There is almost always room at the hostel

manneskja að ferðast einí hengirúmi

When you travel alone, there is a much higher chance that there is free space for you in the hostel. This is especially convenient when you decide to change your travel plans suddenly and are unable to book in advance.

5. You only have to think about yourself

Maður að ferðast einn með bakpoka að horfa út á sjó

You can do what you want when you want it. Eat when you want and stop when you're tired. You’ll probably have a hard time understanding how you went about traveling with others before you traveled alone!

6. You become an independent traveler

You will probably become more independent after the trip. You will learn how to handle different situations yourself without the need for help or support from others.

7. You can exaggerate the stories

Since there is no one to correct you when you’re telling people about your travel you can add a little extra something to them! We’re not encouraging you to lie, but who doesn’t like to add a little spicy to their stories!



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