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The KILROY Impact Challenge


Are you ready for this summer’s most epic experience? Join our slow travel race across Europe - powered by Interrail!

The KILROY Impact Challenge is a slow travel race for the adventurous, curious, and the everyday traveler. The Impact challenge was born during the COVID-19 pandemic as a new and alternative way to travel in a new world, while sparking a movement of impactful travelers in the process. We’re calling it a new way of travel in a new world: go greener, go slower and make a difference along the way!


So, how does it work?

This summer we’ll be sending 12 teams zig-zagging through the more unexplored parts of Europe, while they’ll be racking up points during exciting and impactful challenges. The teams will be in pursuit of winning the grand prize at the finish line in Athens on the 7th of August. Have you ever watched the amazing race and thought, “I would love to be a part of that! (but without the cameras) …” Well, this is your chance!

By doing this journey by Interrail, you’ll be more flexible and can make changes to your route on-the-go, have the opportunity to add more impactful experiences along the way and go off the beaten path in search of the epic moments that just wait to be discovered.


Making an impact

Our impactful challenges are designed to leave an impact on you, the destinations you’re visiting and also the environment. And not only will you be doing something good for others, but you’ll be a part of a strong community travelers. Who knows, maybe you’ll find some kindred spirits! You can join the KILROY Impact Challenge with a team of your own or by yourself, it’s up to you!

Girls Having Fun

Who is this for?

We created this for travelers who seek alternative forms of transport and authentic experiences, all the while having the comfort of 24/7 assistance. This is for the guys and girls that want to meet up and engage with new people along the way, creating memories through immersive and impactful experiences.

Not only is the experience epic, but you also get to share and celebrate the experience with likeminded travelers before, during and after the slow travel race.

Are you up for the Impact challenge?

Maybe you’re still curious about this slow travel race… Well, check out our very own KILROY Impact challenge site here:

Check out the Impact Challenge

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