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Top 10 Travel Festival sessions

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Check out the most popular talks from our Travel Festival!

Our very first Travel Festival is in the books and what a blast it has been. Of course we need to thank you for this. Without your enthousiasm, input and above all, everlasting desire to travel, this could not have happened. So first and foremost a big thanks to all of you. Fortunately it does not have to end here. 

For those of you who cannot get enough of the Travel Festival, or those of you who missed some sessions and would love to catch up, we have gathered the top 10 of most attended webinars. This way you can keep dreaming, foster those travel jitters and maybe even go the next step: planning. Remember that we are here for all your questions and requests!

How to go Digital Nomad 101

Tune in and listen to two experienced digital nomads, Maja Grønholdt from Denmark and Sam Van den Haute from Belgium. These dedicated travellers are digital nomads in heart and soul and passionately discuss what it takes to become a digital nomad, what it is like to travel full-time, how to find work on location and of course how much money you need to get by. A must hear for everyone who plans on leaving everything behind after a 365-day staycation.

Watch the session here

Why Solo Travel is Good for You!

Benedikt Benediktsson made his first solo travel when he was only 13 and fell in love straight away. No better person to explain to you the many upsides to this new travel trend. Benedikt answers all your burning questions on the topic of solo travel. What places are best to go to? How can you achieve personal growth through travelling solo? How do you get ready for your first solo trip? And so much more. If you have plans or a desire to venture out on your own this is a must-see!

Listen to Benedikt's solo travel tips

The Interrail Comeback

This extremely interesting talk is lead by Nadine Koszler, Head of Marketing for Eurail. Slow travel is becoming increasingly popular and there is no better way to travel slow than by train. Nadine goes over all the best Interrail routes in Europe and tells you why you should definitely consider taking the train on your next adventure. Don't miss out on this new travel trend! 

Discover the Interrail benefits

Visiting Every Country Without Flying

Thor Pederson is a Danish travel celebrity and well-known for his Once Upon a Saga-project. This entails travelling  the world without using a single airplane. He talks about his journey around the world that is still going on, tells you all about his favorite destinations, the biggest lessons he has learned and above all, why he is so focused on avoiding travelling through air. 

Listen to Thor's stories

How to Plan Your Round the World Trip

After a year such as 2020 we can imagine you are longing for a long trip. This session is for everyone who dreams about making a round the world journey. Find out how which destinations you should include, which alternative transporation methods you can use, the budget you need and how around the world airfare works. Listen to Daniel Møllebjerg who has travelled to every continent (except Antarctica) and is pouring with good advice! 

Get ready for your round the world trip

Destinations Uncharted - Must Visit Destinations in 2021

These days it is very hard to find a travel destination where the influences of mass tourism haven't sipped through every layer of society. However, these destinations still exist, you just have to look hard enough. Looking hard is Asger Michelsen job as a KILROY Travel Consultant. Don't miss out on his tips on the latest hot and upcoming travel destinations. Ideal for those who want an authentic travel experience in 2021. 

Find out where to go in 2021

Wonders of Central and South America

Many travellers envision paradise on earth when they start dreaming about Central and South America. To be honest, they are not far off. Anssi Tapola is a Finnish KILROY Travel Expert and an experienced traveller in these regions. After spending two years in several latin destinations, Anssi is eager to give you his recommended routes and itineraries, talk about his ultimate adventures and activities and talk about his favorite off the beaten track experiences. 

All wonders of Central and South America

Travelling Post COVID-19

Hopefully, by this time next year, we only spot Corona on the beach, in a bottle, in liquid form. But how will we travel then? Will it be safe to travel? Where will we be able to go? All these questions remain, but Amanda Dunning has the answers. As G Adventures' Brand Partnership Manager she is an expert on everything travel-COVID related so definitely tune in if you want her expert advice. 

Learn more about travelling post-COVID

Vanlife: The Ultimate Road Trips in a Campervan

Michel ter Borg got hooked on campervan travels during his round the world trip. From then till now he has explored New Zealand, the USA and Canada all with a campervan. Listen to his must see road destinations, his greatest experiences in a campervan and much more. The ideal preparation before you get behind the wheel!

Start dreaming of your next roadtrip

Sustainable and Responsible Tourism: A Panel Debate

We have gathered a bunch of experts on the subject who will discuss the meaning of sustainable travel, offer tips on how to make your travels more sustainable, tell you how to minimize your travel footprint and so much more. Definitely listen to this debate if you care deeply for the world you are travelling in!

Listen to the debate right here

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