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Study in Australia & how we help you!

Studying in Australia means exciting cities, miles of sandy beaches, unique nature and wildlife and a wonderful climate. Australia is a fantastic country, both in terms of education and adventures. Australian universities maintain a very high academic standard with a strong international focus. 

Get free study guidance

We offer free study counseling to international students who wish to study in Australia, and help you with all the practicalities such as financing, housing, scholarships and the application to the university, if you wish to study a:

  • Semester in Australia (Study abroad)
  • Bachelor in Australia
  • Master in Australia
  • Ph.d. in Australia
  • Certificate/Diploma in Australia
  • Associate Degree in Australia
  • Academic English in Australia
  • Summer School

We help you apply to some of the best universities in Australia. Please see the list of universities further down on this page.

How can KILROY help me study in Australia?

  • Our study counselling is free of charge
  • Approximately 98% of our applicants get approved to their preferred university in Australia
  • You can apply with short notice even if we suggest that you apply 5-6 months in advance
  • Your personal study advisor helps you with all of the boring paperwork
  • Your personal study advisor informs you about visa, insurance, housing, financing, scholarships and everything in between 
  • Get in touch with a study advisor and start planning your education in Australia

Why studying in Australia is pretty awesome

Australians (Aussies) are known for their hospitality, something you, as an international student, will benefit from. Get ready to meet some of the nicest people on Earth. Also, the climate in Australia is amazing and difficult to find elsewhere, and the lifestyle is influenced by outdoor activities. Aussies love sports and particularly water sports are popular. After a long day at the beach Aussies gather for a "barbie" (BBQ) in public parks and gardens. You'll find a lot of public BBQ's in Australia. The nature is just as varied as the population, and there are more than 500 national parks and 22.000 miles of stunning coastal scenery in Australia.

Australia's seasons are the opposite of ours thus summer begins in December and winter begins in June. There are large differences in the weather across the country - New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland have hot summers and mild winters. In Tasmania and Victoria winter can be chilly. In the middle of the country it is warm all year around, and up north in the tropics they have dry season from May to September and rainy season from December to March.

Education in Australia

Studying at Australian universities has become very popular, mostly because of the wide course offerings and international standard of the universities. Given Australia's location the universities have a particularly broad offer within international studies, politics and economy and there is a high proportion of international students. All Australian universities that accept international students are quality assured by the Australian authorities. 

Most Australian universities have semester systems and a few have trimester systems. In addition you have the opportunity to take summer courses at many universities. The first semester in the university year lasts from in February to June and the second semester lasts from July to November. 

Australian universities have continuous admission which in practive means that there is no application deadline. 

Financing studies in Australia

Public funding in Australia

Your home country might offer financing of your education abroad through public grants or loans. If you are a citizen of a Nordic country or the Netherlands we can assist you in the application process for public fundings for studying abroad.

Private funding for studies in Australia

There are several possibilities of financing the tuition fees. It may be through help from parents, bank loans or by applying for scholarships. You can also apply to the university you would like to study at for support from its funds. 

Contact us for information about other funding options. 

Work and study in Australia

As a foreign student in Australia you can work maximum 20 hours from the moment you begin your studies. Full time work is allowed during holidays.

Practical study info about Australia

Student accommodation in Australia

You can choose to live on campus (contact the school in good time before you leave!) or rent an apartment outside the campus. Prices vary depending on where you are in the country and the type of housing. If you want to live outside campus the university can often help you with this after your arrival. We recommend that you pre-arrange a temporary accommodation for the first weeks in Australia.

Arrival packages in Australia

Through us, you can be sure to have the best start to your studies in Australia with an arrival package. We offer arrival packages in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.
Read more about our arrival packages for students in Australia.

English test for studying in Australia

Some universities will ask you to take a language test. You can either take the TOEFL the IELTS test which are the most recognized international language tests. Our study advisors will tell you if you need to take a test or not, so please do not sign up for one before you've contacted us.


Admission throughout the year


All over Australia


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