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Travel to Africa - the great adventure

Africa is a dream destination for many, and it is a continent that constantly manages to seduce and fascinate. It is home to some of the greatest wildlife experiences one could imagine, whilst its diverse population and different cultures make an equally deep impression. Africa offers a pulsating and colourful composition of never-ending deserts, lush jungles, fascinating animals, amazing diving opportunities, beautiful beaches, and of course the fabled African safaris. A holiday in Africa need neither be expensive, nor difficult, and there are many different options regarding roundtrips, safaris, surfing and volunteer work. 

Highlights of Africa

There are many highlights on a trip around Africa. Where to start, is completely up to the individual traveller’s temperament and interests. Are you interested in wildlife? A safari I Masai Mara in Kenya, The Serengeti in Tanzania, or perhaps a visit to Krüger National Park in South Africa, should be on you itinerary. Africa offers the unique chance of seeing animals like giraffes, lions, zebras, crocodiles, wildebeest, and antelopes in their natural habitat.

You can climb the Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, relax on the amazing beaches of Zanzibar or in Mozambique, where the diving is absolutely amazing. Make sure you do not miss Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, the pyramids in Egypt or the markets of Marrakesh in Morocco. And while you are there, you should definitely take camelback tour in the world’s biggest desert, The Sahara.

There’s a lot to see, but our secret tip is to visit Uganda, deep in Africa. The rainforest is absolutely magical in Uganda and you have a good chance of spotting the proud and extraordinary gorillas.

Places to go in Africa

Africa has so much to offer and it is going to be hard for you to choose. We recommend that you at least make sure to visit South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and Namibia. The Seychelles and Madagascar are furthermore unique destinations, that you would surely regret missing out on. Look at our map below for more information on the different destinations. In the end, it’s your trip and the only one who can choose what is right for you, is you!


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