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Koh Phangan


Travel to Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is located next to Koh Samui in the south western part of Thailand. It is famous for its all-night full moon party taking place on the night before or after each full moon. With a “bucket” in your hand, you can dance until the early hours! The following day you can enjoy the beautiful beaches of Koh Phangan. In addition to the full moon party, there are lots to do at Koh Phangan.
The first full moon party back in 1985 was improvised not far from the beach for giving thanks to about 20-30 travellers. They quickly gained fame through word of mouth, and the full moon party event now draws a spectacular crowd of about 20-30,000 every full moon evening. The full moon party carries on until the sun rises. The bars on the sunrise beach of Haad Rin stay open and play disco music such as R&B, drum and bass, house, dance and reggae.

The beaches of Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is located along with Koh Samui and Koh Tao in the south western part of Thailand. The archipelago is located in the Gulf of Thailand and this makes it ideal for beautiful anture and secluded white beaches. With a rental scooter you can cruise to one of the beautiful beaches such as Haad Chao Phao and Hat Sadet. They are beautiful beaches where you can swim and snorkel in crystal clear water. Don't  forget to stop at the nice beach bars for a delicious Thai meal and a cocktail. Some beaches of Koh Phangan (such as Huad Yuan) are so remote that you can only reach it by boat.

Activities on Koh Phangan

Ready for leaving the beach? Then Phangan has many more activities. Why not look like a monkey swinging through the treetops with a canopy tour? Or maybe do a bit of kite-surfing lessons as Koh Phangan has the perfect combination of wind and waves.

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