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Travel to Tegucigalpa - The Silver town

Tegucigalpa is Honduras' capital and often used a an stopover for backpackers. If you want to experience a dose of genuine Latin lifestyle you should hang around Tegucigalpa's streets in the mornings, and at best be here during Semana Santa-festivals in April!

Tegucigalpa means silver town, and it was formerly a colonial town used as a center for mining. The town lies in a valley and is probably not among the world's most beautiful cities. It is dominated by Pizza Hut, KFC and Burger King. However, it can be interesting to walk around the city and witness the mixture of colonial and modern architecture.

Attractions in Tegucigalpa

As a modern capital, Tegucigalpa offers a selection of good restaurants, banks, shopping centers, in addition to a couple of museums and colonial churches that are worth a visit. The cathedral and the church Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de los Dolores are located in the historic center. Both buildings are worth visiting. The commercial heart of the city known as "la zona viva" is located near the Boulevard Morazan. Have taxi drivers drive you to the cool parks and check out the local markets - just beware of pickpockets!

Are you around during Easter week celebrations you certainly get a cool experience. Most of the locals go the beach so the city seems quieter and the city center is closed off for traffic to make room for the traditional Easter celebrations. For good views of Tegucigalpa you can walk up the mountainside to Picacho Park where a large Christian image is raised.

Traveling to and around Tegucigalpa

To travel around in Tegucigalpa can be a confusing experience, since the traffic is very dense and chaotic. We recommend taking taxis and negotiate the price beforehand.

To travel around in Central America is easy thanks to the network of the Tica Bus! Generally speaking, there are several bus companies that operate to and from Tegucigalpa, of which each company has its own station. Alas Hedman Bus has a reputation for being safe, their terminal is clean and they have guards manning the station.

The level of comfort on your bus is determined by ticket class. Deluxe buses are air-conditioned and serve snacks along the way, in addition to facilities such as television and toilet. Prices are not bad, and the quality between these and the cheapest buses are highly visible. If you are heading out to the islands of Utila or Roatan, you can take a bus to La Ceiba. Deluxe bus from Tegucicalpa costs around 30 USD. Alternatively, you can fly directly from Tegucicalpa to Roatan, La Ceiba or San Pedro Sula.

Safety in Tegucicalpa

Crime is a problem in all the big cities in Central America. Avoid moving around after dark and take taxis rather than walking (especially alone). Some knowledge of Spanish can come in handy in various situations.

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