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Travel to Managua - Latino style metropolis

Managua is a typical Latin American metropolis with everything that entails; dirty streets, poverty and noisy traffic. But you can also experience the best salsa parties you will ever find! Although Managua is not the prettiest city in the world, it serves as an excellent starting point for your adventures in Central America. See how the locals dance and have fun during festivals and learn to live like the Nicas! Book your trip to Nicaragua with KILROY!

The capital of Nicaragua, Managua, is located by Lake Managua, and has 1.5 million residents. It is a vibrant city and center for economy, culture, industry and education. Managua is the largest and most developed of all the cities of Nicaragua and you will quickly discover how other cultures have left their mark. Managua may not seem like a nice city, but you will be surprised to find excellent sushi, good French and Mexican restaurants and modern shopping malls here! And it's far more fun to dance salsa here than anywhere else!

Over the years, earthquakes have destroyed parts of the city. The historic center is located in Plaza de la Revolucion, and of interesting buildings we can mention Catedral de Santiago, Ruben Dario National Theatre and National Palace of Culture, which also includes the National Museum. Parque Central boasts of historical monuments worth snaping a few photos of.

From lagoons to festival fun

You can relax and enjoy the quiet life by Tiscapa Lagoon located within the city limits of Tiscapa Nature Reserve. This is one of the most popular and probably the finest tourist attraction with access to a variety of good restaurants. The festival Santo Domino de Guzman which takes place early August is also worth seeing. Thousands of locals come to party, dance, eat and drink while parades are moving through the streets. The festival lasts for 10 days. Alegria pos la Vida is another festival that revolves solely around the joy of life, and is a colorful festival in early March. Don't miss it if you travel to Nicaragua during that time!

Travelling around

For safety reasons it is best to travel by taxi whether it is day or night time. The taxi driver should have his ID visible on the windscreen. If not, it is most likely an illegal taxi. From Managua you can continue to Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras or Panama with long-distance bus as e.g. Tica Bus.

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