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Travel Insurance


Travel Insurance - Never travel without it!

At KILROY, we work closely with our friends at Gouda to offer you one of the very best travel insurances in the world.

Travel insurance is perhaps not that sexy, but it is the one thing, you don't want to depart without - and then your passport of course.

Why choose travel insurance with KILROY & Gouda?

As said, we've teamed up with Gouda who provides a great coverage, especially for you who are young, curious and adventure-seeking. 

What you'll get:

  • Great coverage for your many adventures abroad no matter what you plan to do – extreme sport, working holiday, long-time travels, volunteering etc. These coverages are not common for all travel insurances, and no matter if you choose Gouda Travel Insurance or not, its very important you compare your plans to your current insurance to make sure you are properly covered.

  • Best-in-class coverage for COVID19 (unfortunately it's still relevant...)

  • High customer satisfaction!

If you want to travel unconcerned around the world, it is essential to purchase travel insurance. It will be a much smoother process if something goes wrong. Gouda is specialized in travel insurance, and know what to do when an incident occurs - whether it is in Los Angeles, the Outback of Australia or in the jungle of Borneo.

Get in touch with a local doctor through the app

Time is essential when you are traveling, and we know you don’t want to wait in long phone ques or sit at a local doctor somewhere in the middle of nowhere when all you want to do is continue your adventures as fast as possible – and with a Gouda Travel Insurance, you don’t have to! Gouda offers 24-7-365 local language assistance if you need this, and will assist you through whatever you need help with. Its simple, easy and very convenient.

Do I even need a travel insurance?

The short answer is yes! As the world is today, you don't want to be traveling without a travel insurance. Things are, as you probably know, extremely unpredictable. It can of course be unpredictable in general but in particular these days, and with a good travel insurance you can take it easy and avoid stressing if you're unlucky out there!

You might think "this won't happen to me", and hopefully it doesn't! But a travel insurance is, in the bigger picture, a small amount to save, and definitely not worth it should you be unlucky one day. Trust us!

Where can I book my travel insurance and how much is it?

Reach out to us, and we'll help you find the exact travel insurance that fits your trip. The price will differ depending on where you go and for how long just to give you a few examples. 

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