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13 reasons why traveling is good for your brain

Trine Nyborg

Your brain benefits from traveling

A lot of people have experienced how traveling the world can be a good chance of scenery, and that experiencing new things and expanding the horizon can be healthy. And now science is finally here to prove this fact! Here we have listed 13 amazing ways in which the brain is affected by traveling the world.

Based on different scientific studies, it's been proven how the brain can benefit from traveling the world. The following 13 things has a positive effect on the brain (and on you as a person). 

1. You'll become more creative

At rejse er godt for din hjerne | KILROY

If you live and act like the locals over a longer period of time, your brain automatically begins to think in alternative paths than it has been used to, and thus opens up new ways of doing things. The concept is called 'Cognitive Flexibility', and the more cognitively flexible you are, the more creative you are.

2. You'll gain more trust in others

When experiencing all the good things that exists around the world, the brain is more likely to see the good in, and thus rely on, the vast majority of people.

3. You'll become a better problem solver

In addition, the studies showed that about 20% of people who had lived, studied or traveled abroad for a long time were more likely to solve a specific computer task than people who did not travel. The reason is that as you experience and get to know new cultures, the brain opens up new ways of doing things. Thus, the brain discovers that one thing can have multiple meanings.

4. You'll become more humble

Iguazu Falls i Argentina | KILROY

When you travel, you see lots of new, overwhelming things like Grand Canyon, Iguazu Falls, and what not. The studies show that young people who travel a lot, are more humble than young people who don't travel. It makes a lot of sense when you think about all the great things that awaits you in the big world!

5. You'll become more open to new things

And it's not just when you travel. When you return home, you will be more open to new things. And why is that? It's actually quite simple! When you travel, you meet new people outside of your normal social circle. Those people can you open your eyes to new things and new ways of interacting, which makes you more likely to embark on new adventures or develop new habits. Even when you are back home again!

6. You'll become brighter

Sri Lanka | KILROY

Research shows that by staying in nature, your senses are significantly enhanced, which makes you sharper. In fact, looking at an image of nature for 40 seconds has proven to improve both your ability to focus as well as your performance on your next task. So here you go; a great picture  from Sri Lanka!


7. You'll have an easier time finding yourself (and your path in life)

It's deep, we know. But it's also very true. When traveling you put a pause on your normal life and start viewing it at a distance (both geographically and metaphorically). It potentially makes you open your eyes to other metaphorical paths in life than the one you have moved along so far.  

8. You'll become more fearless

Skydiving | KILROY

​Do you recognize the scenario where you find yourself diving with sharks or skydiving when our traveling, even though you are usually afraid of both sharks and heights? It is very normal. And the more you travel, the more fearless in life you become.​

9. You'll be happier

And not just because you don't have to sit through boring lectures or because you can have Piña Colada for breakfast. Studies show that looking forward to an experience such as a future travel plans makes you much happier than if you are waiting to get something tangible, like a new t-shirt for example.

10. You'll perform better at work or in school

Studies also show that people who use all their vacation days are 6.5% more likely to be promoted. Good news, huh? 

11. You'll become more patient

Bustur | KILROY

Who hasn't suffered through the world's longest queue at security in the airport? Or taken the bus in Asia? Or waited 45 minutes for Southern European friends to arrive at the restaurant for your dinner plans? All of these experiences help to make you a more patient person in general. Try to remember that the next time you miss your flight by 6 minutes and spend the night at the airport...

12. You will find it easier to recover from a loss

Whether you have lost someone close to you or didn't get the job you really wanted, it helps to travel. When you are in a new environment, life forces you to turn off the autopilot - and that makes you come into contact with yourself and more easily processes your loss.

13. You'll feel more alive

Costa Rica | KILROY

You probably know the feeling of getting off the plane, and immediately your brain starts thinking of all the adventures ahead of you. Of how good it was that you were persuaded to go. Of why don't you do this more often. And how great your life really is. Your feelings and thoughts are amplified and you can't help to feel more alive!


Bonus: Learn new stuff while traveling

Another great bonus when traveling is that you can often learn something new. That could be either learning to dive, surf or practice yoga. The opportunities are endless. We've recently launched a concept where learning and traveling goes hand in hand. We call it Re:Discover. You can read more about it here.



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