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3 cool things to see and do in Singapore

View over the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Why a 3-day stopover in Singapore is a great idea when flying into Asia

Singapore might just be the coolest city on the planet. With stunning architecture, beautiful nature and that ''the-sky-is-the-limit'' feeling so few places give you. It's tiny, but that makes it perfect to explore in a couple of days, as an add-on to your adventure in Asia or Oceania. Let's look at some sights you simply must put on your to-see list here! 

Skytrain At Singapore Airport
The perfect stopover destination
Singapore offers a unique blend of cultures, incredible cuisine, and some of the coolest attractions around. From the futuristic Gardens by the Bay to the iconic Marina Bay Sands, there's something for everyone. Plus, the city is one of Asia's main hubs for air travel, making it a super convenient stopover destination with easy connections to other parts of Asia. And with its reputation for being safe, clean, and easy to get around, you'll have no trouble exploring this exciting city on your own.

Experience a blend of cultures in this vibrant city

Whenever Singapore is featured, it's often hailed as one of the most modern cities in the world. And yes, we'll get to that part later. There is much more to love however, as Singapore is probably the most multicultural city we've visited. Different cultures, religions, and people from all walks of life collide in this small piece of tropical paradise. At times Singapore feels proper South East Asian, but there are Japanese and Chinese influences too. It makes for a colourful display of smells, sounds and tastes that make it a must-visit place for many and the ideal stopover when flying out into Asia or Oceania. 

Now then, let's dive into the main course for many: the vibrant metropolis that Singapore is today. We're pretty sure you've seen the famous views of the skyline one day, which in itself looks really, really cool. But what are those weird tree-shaped things anyway? And what the heck have they put on top of that building? Well... time to find out! 

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore with tropical vegetation below

1. Walk amongst giant artificial trees

We get it, this sounds a bit strange. However, you can't go to Singapore and not visit Gardens by the Bay. It's a giant park, squished in between the ocean and the Marina Bay Sands hotel (pictured above) and contains wicked architecture, a lot of plants, flowers and sculptures plus it's a great place to hang out. Many Singaporeans use the park in the evening to chill, and families go there with the kids to fly kites. The vibe it great, and best of all, it's free! 

Okay, if you want to pay, you can visit some of the attractions within the gardens, like the breathtaking cloud forest (see below), the Supertree Observatory or the Flower Dome. Especially the Cloud Forest is worth the price since it's such a unique building combining nature with an interactive experience. Singapore really takes architecture to the next level, plus it's also a great way to get away from the humid heat that's all around you in the city. 

We suggest visiting in the evening, when you're also able to catch the light show that's performed three times a night in Supertree Grove. The Supertrees are the rather odd looking structures resembling trees. By daytime they're already distinguished but come nighttime, and they get proper cool with the flashing lights and sound effects. Just see for yourself here! 

2. Go on a cultural and culinary tour of Chinatown and Little India

Whenever Singapore is featured, it's often hailed as one of the most modern cities in the world. Yes, we'll get to that part next. But did you know there's a lot of cultural history to be found as well? Take for example Little India and Chinatown, two of the most distinguished areas in town. Here you can enjoy delicious food and drinks, as well as visit one of the many ancient Hindu and Chinese temples. A famous landmark is the Sultan Mosque, located in the historic Kampong Glam district. You can tour the mosque, but as foodies, our suggestion is to explore the neighbourhood instead. You'll find south Indian dishes, as well as Middle Eastern cuisine and even a bistro where you can enjoy traditional Swedish food, including kladkaka (a type of sticky chocolate cake). There's something for all tastes, and if your belly isn't rumbling yet the smells and colours of Kampong Glam will set your senses alight. Even if you visit Singapore for its modern architecture, it's hard to forego the mix of different cultures that lie at the roots of the country's history.

3. Take in the city from the rooftop of the famed Marina Bay Sands hotel

Way more than just a hotel, the Marina Bay Sands complex in the Singapore Bay area is a great place to spend a few hours. Whether you can afford staying the night there or not (probably not...), you can still get a small taste of what the luxury resort has to offer. A giant mall with plenty of luxury brands, a great food court including plenty of more affordable picks (although affordable is a relative thing in Singapore!). 

For the complete experience, we suggest taking up the 56 floors by elevator to experience the unmatched views of the Singapore skyline and the bay. Bring your own drink though, since 30 dollar cocktails at the skybar are a normal thing here. If you head to the rooftop in the evening, you get a primetime view for the light and water show that is being performed at the waterfront of the hotel. It's hard to capture in images, but enjoy a small impression below. All in all it's a surreal visit for most of us raised without a silver spoon in our mouth, but a fun peek of the ''over-the-topness'' Singapore is all about. 

Want to add Singapore to your own adventure?

Luckily there are plenty of fun and party hostels around the city as well, particularly around Chinatown and Little India. Lots of bars, amazing food and great times to be found here, and that goes for the entire city. 

Our travel experts can help you plan your perfect add-on, wherever it is you're going. This means there's no hassle for you to find the perfect flights, we will do the work for you! Reach out to us via the button below and we'll be in touch!

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