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5 cool marine conservation projects

collect trash on the beach instead of leaving it there

Want to make a difference for life beneath the surface?

We got ya! Below we've compiled some of the coolest marine conservation projects that we collaborate with. Here you get to experience the authentic local communities while working on some really cool projects that the marine life benefits from! Intrigued? We bet you are! 

Marine Conservation Philipines Volunteers Walking Through Mud
Want to read more about this project?
Here you'll find all the information you need if the marine conservation project in Philippines looks like something for you. Check it out through the link below.
Marine conservation in Philippines

1. Combine marine conservation & diving in Philippines

Okay, so you want to join a cool volunteer project, but have no diving experience? No problem. This project allows you start out by getting a PADI certificate so you're ready for all the activities underneath the surface. If you already have it, you'll just skip the course and get right into working with the project.

Jakera Surfing Costa Rica (31)
Want to know more about this project?
If you're intrigued by going to Costa Rica for some volunteering and surfing, then check out this project. Click the link below and get all the information you need.
Volunteer and surf in Costa Rica

2. Learn Spanish and volunteer at a turtle project in Costa Rica

¡Hola! Welcome to Costa Rica. In the beautiful surroundings of Santa Teresa you'll get an awesome combination of learning Spanish (si si), become a surf or yoga champ and volunteer at a turtle project. If this doesn't make it tickle all the right places, nothing will.

Portugal Marine Conservation3
Want to know more about volunteering in Portugal?
If this is your thing, get more information through the link below. Here you can check out dates, duration and everything else you need.
Marine conservation in Portugal

3. Stay nearby and join a marine conservation project in Portugal

Don't fancy a long trip overseas? Well in these uncertain times, it's completely understandable. 

In Portugal we've teamed up with a really cool marine conservation project where you can join a variety of conservation efforts focused on the protection of the marine ecosystem in the South Coast of Portugal. Oh, and by the way. You get to dive a lot here as well.

Want to know more about volunteering in the Seychelles?
Wish it was you on that boat? Yeah, us too. Check out the link below and read all there is to know about the project.
Volunteering in the Seychelles

4. Marine conservation in Paradise aka Seychelles

Always wanted to be that person in a group of friends that could distinguish between a Smallbelly Catshark and a Dusky Snout Catshark? Well, here's your chance. 

In the Seychelles, a truly tropical paradise, you'll be coral reef monitoring, collect data on biodiversity and, you guessed it, observe which kind of different fish that passes by during the day. Sounds like a great day at the office to us!

If you don't fancy being underwater all the time, but still want to get some coastal environmental work done, then the island of Curieuse has some great options for you. Don't be afraid to ask us all about these projects, too! 

Need more information about this project?
If Thailand is more your thing, you can click the link below and get all the practical information you need. Remember, you can always reach out if you need guidance in which project to choose.
Volunteering in Thailand

5. Join a versatile marine project in Thailand

Combine volunteering with authentic Thai food, great travel opportunities and beautiful beaches. Mmmh...

On this project in Thailand you'll work toward conserving the Endangered Green Sea turtle, monitor Thai bird life, clear plastic off the beaches, and improve environmental awareness throughout the community. Basically this project offers a lot of varied tasks within marine conversation, so there should definetely be something for you as well!

Did we get your attention?

In case we did, these are just some of the marine conservation projects we work with. We can also help out if you're dreaming about combining life as a volunteer with Croatia, Ecuador, Bali or Fiji, just to name some.

Click the button below if you need help planning your volunteer adventure!

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