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5 ways to discover Thailand off the beaten track

Sai Yok National Park River And Waterfall

Get to know the real authentic Thailand with one of these experiences

Thailand is an amazing and very popular destination. There are so many different ways to travel and discover this great destination. But how should you go about it when you want to discover what Thailand truly has to offer and not be stuck the whole time in one of the popular touristy places. We have handpicked five experiences which will allow you to get to know Thailand off the beaten track. 

Hilltribes Trek in Northern Thailand
Duration: 5 days
Start: Chiang Mai
End: Chiang Mai
Price: from €239
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Hike through the impressive surroundings and local villages of Chiang Mai

View over hills and jungle in Thailand

Do you like nature and are you ready to go hiking in the most impressive surroundings? Then is this tour perfect for you! The area around Chiang Mai is famous for its amazing nature and it is completely different from the white sandy beaches, most people think about when they hear about Thailand. One of the best trekking you can do here, is the Ban Jabo Hilltribe trek. For 5 days, you will be hiking through amazing nature, visit local villages and get to know the real Thai cuisine.

Elephant Refuge and Wildlife Rescue Center
Duration: 15 days
Location: Bangkok
Price: from €598
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Volunteer at the Elephant Rescue Center and The Wildlife Rescue Center

Young people washing an elephant at the refuge center

Work as a volunteer with animals in their natural habitat. Here you have the opportunity to combine two amazing volunteer projects where you will help and work with local animals. For a minimum period of two weeks, you will be helping in the Elephant Refuge Center and Wildlife Rescue Center in Thailand. Both places are rescue centers and focus on imitating the natural habitat of the animals with the eye of releasing them back in the wild. The Wildlife Rescue Center is a rescue center for birds and other animals like gibbons, macaques, leopard cats, Asian black bears and many more. In the Elephant Refuge Center, you will meet quite a few of elephants that come from the tourist industry.

Sai Yok Waterfall
Sai Yok Camping Adventure
Duration: 3 days
Start: Bangkok
End: Kanchanaburi
Price: from €321
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Get on a unique jungle adventure in Sai Yok National Park

Floating raft in front of Sai Yok waterfall in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Stay far away from any tourist crowds with this three day jungle adventure in Sai Yok National park. No resort stays for you here but instead you will head out to a unique gem run by locals. Get ready for a real jungle adventure from your floating raft on the river and make a stop at the known Sai Yok waterfalls along the way. After a night in your floating bungalow, cruise downstream with a kayak through the national park and head into the jungle for a trek with the park rangers. If you already had enough of the jungle, then grab a bike and relax at the plantations. After your tour, spend some time in the historical city before you are off to your next destination.

Umphang jungle trekking
Duration: 6 days
Starts: Bangkok
Ends: Bangkok
Price: from €376
More info

Go on the Umphang Trek through the jungle in Northern Thailand

Rafting in the jungle in Northern Thailand

Get off the beaten track and explore Northern Thailand by this roundtrip through the jungle close by the Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary. Hike through the jungle, go swimming in the highest waterfall of Southeast Asia (about 400-meter-high), spend some time rafting on the Mae Klong River and get to know the local culture by staying on local villages along the way. It is not for nothing that this area has been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. Get ready for an unforgettable experience!

Koh Kye Beach With Tents
Coral Island beach camping
Duration: 3 days
Start: Chumphon
End: Chumphon
Price: from €351
More info

Ready for some beach, coral and jungle on the deserted island of Koh Kye

Aerial shot of beach on Koh Kye island in Thailand

A beautiful island, with white sandy beaches and a dense jungle, with this trip you get the complete package. Travel to this deserted island on a traditional fisherman's boat and discover untouched corals, thousands of colourfish, and camping at the beachside. Koh Kye is truely unique and different from any other island you have visited. It is a "coral  graveyard" and the beauty of the island comes from the great amount of dead corals that through time have been gathering, changing color and formed a shape that looks like a white sand dune.

A perfect stop to make along the way to Koh Tao,Koh Phangan, Koh Samui or other locations in Southern Thailand. 

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