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Car rental in the USA & Canada: young drivers welcome!


Car rental in the USA & Canada: the best prices for young drivers with our exclusive car rental deals

Fancy a road trip? You're in luck! For travellers under 25 years of age, we now offer special deals that provide young drivers with unique rental conditions in both the USA and Canada.

Normally it's very hard to find a good price for a rental car if you happen to be under 25 years old, especially in North America. The requirements are strict, and you pay a hefty fee in order to get access to a car. Even worse: if you want to rent on the spot, the prices are even higher. That's where we come in! Through KILROY, you're always well-prepared: the underage fee is already included in the price, along with all the mandatory insurances, all for a price you just can't beat.

The best tips for road trips in North America
There's nothing like the feeling of freedom driving on the wide open roads in North America. With almost no other cars in sight and the ability to just get out of the car at any place and start exploring it's clear why these are fan-favourite adventures. Are you in the mood for an epic road trip through the United States or Canada? Be sure to check out our blog with the best tips & tricks before hitting the road.
Road trip tips USA & Canada

Perks and inclusions with your KILROY car rental:

· Unlimited miles for rentals in the USA and Canada.
· Minimum age of 20 years (or 18 years if you collect the car in the state of New York or Michigan).
· LDW – Loss Damage Waiver. Waives the financial responsibility for any loss or damage incurred to the rental vehicle.
· LIS – Liability Insurance Supplement. Offers $1,000,000 of protection from any third-party claims. This coverage includes bodily injury and property damage in case you hit a vehicle, road sign or structure.
· All Airport Fees, Local Taxes and Surcharges are included as well.

In addition to these inclusions, you can also opt for our Youth Premium pack which includes all of the above as well as:

· Every rental car includes 4 additional drivers in the USA & Canada.
· Youth Supplement for 4 drivers between 20 and 24 is included in every rental in the USA & Canada.
· 1 free tank of fuel is on us! Meaning that you collect the car with a full tank but can leave it empty upon drop-off (value of up to USD$70).

Please note when renting in the USA and Canada: For most car types you only need to bring a valid credit card and your driver’s license.

Car driving through Telluride mountain range in Colorado, USA
Bended Road Through Winter Forest In The USA
Looking for the perfect road trip in the USA?
Are you planning your own road trip, but unsure what it could look like? We have created some great USA road trip itineraries to inspire you to go on an epic journey. Remember, all of these examples are completely customisable. Our travel advisors are eager to help with making an itinerary completely tailored to your wishes.
Road trips in the USA

One-way fee: start your journey in one city and end it in another!

Ridin' the route 66 from east to west, or driving all the way from Niagara Falls to Vancouver: this one is for you who want to go wild with a true cross-country adventure. On a normal rental agreement, you'll always have to leave your rental car at the same location as where you collected it but with a one-way fee, you can leave it in any other city in the country. Arriving in San Francisco, but heading home from Vegas? No problem with us! Just remember that it comes with an extra cost: the one-way drop charge. The drop charge price is typically between USD$ 0-500, excluding local taxes and surcharges and needs to be paid on location. Your specific one-way fee always depends on the distance from the pick-up station to your drop-off location.

There are a few exceptions to these rules:
· No drop charge when picked up at Chicago locations and dropped off in San Francisco Airport, Las Vegas Airport, Phoenix Airport, Los Angeles Airport or San Diego Airport.
· No drop charge when picked up at San Francisco Airport, Las Vegas Airport, Phoenix Airport, Los Angeles Airport or San Diego Airport, dropped off in Chicago locations.
· Hawaii: cars can be returned within the same island on one-ways, with a drop fee of USD$75.

So, are you ready for that special freedom feeling that's part of any big road trip? We're not surprised! Write to us for expert help with planning your journey, or start by checking out some of our best road trip itineraries in the USA here.

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