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KILROY recommends: our favourite travel docs with places you can actually visit

Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, California

Better than your in-flight entertainment

We've all been there. Stuck on a 10+ hour flight, but no good movies on the in-flight entertainment system. We've got you covered, with these amazing travel documentaries that will surely get you excited to explore your next destination. Just remember to download them offline before take-off! 

Airplane Island View Indonesia
We can help you get there!
Off the beaten path doesn't have to mean off the end of the world. It often looks like destinations in travel documentaries are only possible to visit with a camera crew and some significant budget. Too remote, too dangerous or too expensive. Let's break that trend. All the travel docs we're highlighting in this blog are easy to get to, if you want. Check out some of our itineraries below, or get in touch with our fabulous travel experts to craft your dream journey.
Check out some of our adventures here!

For the adventurers among us

The Dawn Wall (2017) - Our jaw literally dropped to the floor watching this gripping documentary following the rock climbers Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson as they attempt to free climb the seemingly impossible 3,000-foot Dawn Wall of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. Even if you might not be a professional rock climber, visiting Yosemite is also a lot of fun without actually reaching the top of El Capitan. 

Freeclimber on El Capitan in Yosemite National Park in California, USA

For the lovers of less ordinary travel

Love to go off the beaten path? So does British comedian Romesh Ranganathan, and in ''The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan" he'll take you with him to various countries (like Haiti, Ethiopia, and Colombia) to explore the unconventional and lesser-known sides of travel and tourism. Romesh adds amusing commentary, resulting in a peculiar but entertaining mix that does right to the places he visits. It never really steps into the pitfall of judging third world countries by Western standards, but instead tries to show unusual destinations and experiences in a more authentic way. Sort of like what we aim for as well! 

Colourful houses in the city of Port au Prince in Haiti

For the foodie travellers

Don't watch this one if you've already got the munchies! The Netflix-produced "Street Food" (2019-present) - is one big celebration of street food culture in several Asian cities. It fully honours the local streetfood vendors and their authentic recipes, that are often passed on from generation to generation. You get a great impression of the cultural significance of street food in these countries, and it really makes you want to go travel to taste all of the amazing dishes yourself. Be it India, Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia - we can take you there. Why don't you ask our experts about their favourite street food?

Streetfood being prepared on the streets of Bangkok in Thailand

For the lovers of feelgood television

Are you familiar with the concept of slow television? If so, "Expedition Happiness" (2017) fits right in this little subgenre. This travel series documents the journey of an upbeat couple while they're converting an old school bus into a mobile home. As soon as the mobile home is finished, they leave for their grand adventure: a big road trip across North America. You get a taste of the stunning landscapes and their many personal insights along the way. It's a great blueprint to use for your own road trip across the States, but also some lovely inspiration for those of us looking for a different way of life but not sure how to start out. 

Old bus at a rural gas station in the USA

For the (aspiring) solo travellers

Pedal the World" (2015) - This one is about an impressive biking journey. We're following Felix Starck while he bikes around the world, visiting 22 countries and sharing his experiences with all the different people and cultures he meets on his trip. He doesn't shy away from also documenting the challenges he faces, and the cultural differences that sometimes might get in the way. Even if you don't plan to solo travel by bike, it's a great piece of insight in how to deal with whatever you encounter when travelling on your own. 

Yurts by a lake in Kyrgyzstan

For the laughs

Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father (2017-2021) - Five seasons long, comedian Jack Whitehall travels the world with his father, Michael Whitehall who is more traditional and reserved. Their contrasting personalities add a dynamic and funny spin on the show, which takes them to various regions and countries over the years. Every season is based around a different region, with the USA, Southeast Asia and the UK all being explored. 

Farmer walking with cows in front of a temple in Cambodia


Maybe it's time for your next adventure. We all know how that travel itch feels, and nobody knows better how to scratch it then our travel experts. Turning your plans and dreams into action is what drives them, so if you're ready to head out there hit us up below.


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