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The 8 best things to do in Fiji

Suzan Woodcock

The 8 best things to do in Fiji

Close your eyes and think about Fiji. What kind of images comes to mind? White sandy beaches, palm trees, crystal clear water, tropical waterfalls, umbrella drinks? Well you would be right; Fiji is a tropical paradise that offers all the joys of a classic island vacation, but with more than 300 islands Fiji has a lot more to offer than just relaxation on the beach. Here is the list of the 8 best experiences Fiji has to offer. Which one is your favorite?

1. Island hopping

The 8 best things to do in Fiji | Travel to Fiji | KILROY

Fiji consists of over 300 islands, needless to say, the best way to explore Fiji is to go island hopping! For the independent traveller our “Bula Pass” is the best option. These passes have become extremely popular, as they allow you to freely explore the islands at your own pace. If you would rather team up with other young travellers and have us take care of the planning, join one of our cruises instead. They often include both meals, accommodation and activities along the way – A guaranteed fun and enjoyable experience!

2. Snorkelling in the crystal-clear water

The 8 best things to do in Fiji | Travel to Fiji | KILROY

Snorkelling is a must when you visit Fiji. Fiji has been described as a real life aquarium, due to its many colourful corals and beautiful marine life. The Yasawa Islands are the absolute best place to go snorkelling, and if you are lucky, you might get to see some sharks and manta rays swimming by as well! So get a hold of a mask and throw yourself into the warm and pleasant waters of Fiji. Finish of the day with a well-deserved massage on the beach.

3. Drink Kava

The 8 best things to do in Fiji | Travel to Fiji | KILROY

You cannot leave Fiji without having tasted the Kava! Kava is made from a mixture of Kava root powder and water and it is an important part of the Fijian social life and culture. It looks and feels as though you are drinking muddy water and it will make your tongue feel numb, but you have to try it. Just sit back and enjoy the ceremony and the friendly small talk that follows. Do you need a tip for a conversation starter while visiting a local village? Ask about rugby, Fijians are absolutely obsessed with the sport!

4. Go diving in Fiji

The 8 best things to do in Fiji | Travel to Fiji | KILROY

To go diving while you are in Fiji is an absolute must! The water is clear, visibility is great, and the marine life is simply amazing! Curious fish and vibrant corals are ready to present you with a euphoric mix of colour and beauty, hidden just below the surface. We offer both beginner and advanced diving courses in Fiji, as well as fun dives, for those who already have a diving license. Whichever you choose, it is sure to be a memorable underwater adventure!

5. Go to church!

The 8 best things to do in Fiji | Travel to Fiji | KILROY

Yeah, it might sound a bit weird, but the church plays an important role in the everyday life of most Fijians. Sundays are dedicated to going to church and the whole community gathers in church to pray and sings songs that are more beautiful than you can ever imagine. Fijians really know how to sing! After church it’s time for a lunch feast, which usually gathers the whole family gather around the table for socializing and food. If you are lucky, you might be invited by a family to join them. Fijians are known as some of the friendliest people in the world, so your odds are great!

6. Swim in a tropical waterfall

The 8 best things to do in Fiji | Travel to Fiji | KILROY

We’ve all seen the shampoo commercials where they wash their hair under a gorgeous waterfall surrounded by lush green bushes and colourful flowers and thought: That looks out of this world! But it isn’t and now’s your chance! Fiji has plenty of beautiful waterfalls, but nothing can compare to the stunningly beautiful Tavoro waterfalls. This 24-meter waterfall is surrounded by colorful orchids and prehistoric tree ferns. It’s located in Bouma National Heritage Park - a place often referred to as “Fiji’s Garden of Eden”. There are plenty of other things to see in the park as well, and the waterfall can easily be reach by foot via a flat, grassy trail.

7. Witness a traditional Meke Ceremony

The 8 best things to do in Fiji | Travel to Fiji | KILROY

Singing and dancing is an integrated and important part of the Fijian way of life, and while witnessing a ceremony like the traditional Meke Ceremony, you quickly understand why. The orchestra wear garlands of flowers while the dancers where traditional clothes: The women are soaked in scented coconut oil, wearing beautiful and bright garments, while the men are in full warrior dress. The song and dances always tell a story, but you’ll need a local to explain it to you.

8. Enjoy a coconut drink while watching the sunset

The 8 best things to do in Fiji | Travel to Fiji | KILROY

It’s a cliché, but you have to do it at least once before you leave. Park yourself under a palm tree, coconut drink in hand and enjoy the sun setting over the sea. Make sure to take a mental photograph, because this will be a cherished memory to look back to during those cold winter months back home.

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