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Internships USA

internship in usa - intern in usa
internship usa - internship new york

Internships USA

Do an internship in the US! It is a unique opportunity for students, recent graduates or those with longer work experience within a certain field to explore the US and get valuable experience. Once you have found your own internship, we will help you apply for the J-1 visa you need to enter the US.

I want to find my own internship in USA

If you wish to find an internship in USA yourself we give you the best tips and advice about how to find it.  It requires quite a bit of work to do it on your own. When you have found your internship you need a sponsor to apply for your J-1 visa, and we can help you with that. We can also help you find the best travel insurance - you don't want to leave without it. 

I have already found an internship in the USA and I need help to apply for the J-1 visa

If you have already found and arranged an internship in the US, we can help you apply for the J-1 visa.  You cannot apply for the J-1 visa by yourself as you need an official sponsor, which we are. We only work with official visa sponsors and we help you through the process from A-Z. Contact our study advisors and start the application process today.

Read the most commonly asked questions and answers about internships in USA right here, and contact us if you have a question. We are always ready to help you become an intern in the USA.

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Visa for internship in USA

You need a special visa to do an internship in USA. We can help you.

Internship Placement Help

Together we plan your internship in USA based on your dreams.
Internship Placement Help


Read the most frequently asked questions and answers about internships in USA.

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