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Travel to Durban - The warmest place to be

With 230 annual days of sunshine there is little chance that the weather will destroy your holiday mood when travelling to Durban. Here the season lasts most of the year which has a great impact on things in this bustling port city, which among other things lures the visitor with good surfing and beach life.

Durban – sand, water and surfing

Durban is located right next to the Indian Ocean with a long sunny promenade from which the skyscraper hotels are rising against the blue sky. Sand and water are among the main attractions here. Along the coast you will - in addition to a swarm of tourist stalls - find lots of cafés and restaurants where you can sit under an umbrella, get a cold drink and let your eyes glide over the Indian Ocean. If you do so there's a good chance your eyes will fall on some of the many surfers, who often fills the sea off Durban - the coast here is known for its great waves. And Durban is also a place to take some surf lessons, if you’re up for it.

Durban’s history and population

Durban was founded in 1824 as Port Natal and was named after the English Governor Benjamin D'Urban 30 years later. Especially in the 1980s the city harbor grew considerably when it was modernized to increase trade with the rest of Africa, and Durban is today an important industrial city.

The largest population group in Durban are Indian descendants, who in the late 1800s was hired as labor in the many sugar plantations in the area. It has also left its mark on the gastronomy here, so if you like spicy curry dishes, this is the place to be. And one can begin his search in the major Indian neighborhood, located west of the modern city center.

Tours from Durban

If you walk around Durban a little, you will come across a lot of impressive houses built in colonial style. But since Durban is also notorious for its crime, there are certain neighborhoods you should stay away from at night. For the same reason most tourists choose to stay in the suburbs and neighborhoods just outside the center where there are also plenty of hotels, shopping opportunities and funky bars.

If you need to get away from the urban pulse, then combine the journey to Durban with a visit to one of the national parks nearby, for example Drakensberg and Zululand. Along the coast near Mozambique are also several beautiful beach areas, so you can get exciting nature and culture on a trip to Durban and surroundings.

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