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Travel to Goa - India's wild side!

Wonderful Goa is the perfect place to start your Indian adventure. Here you can find everything you can imagine in regards to culinary, cultural, palm-covered beaches, shopping, markets, sacred cows, silk, colorful people, full moon parties, traffic chaos, pickpockets, national treasures and much, much more! Find cheap flights to Goa at KILROY.

Goa is located along the west coast of India. This is India's smallest state and it stretches over 100 km along the coast. The lifestyle here is secluded and quiet and you will be met with smiling faces everywhere. Enjoy Goa's outstanding cuisine, discover the colorful local culture, swim in the lovely warm water surrounded by palm-covered beaches, shop until your credit card runs out, wear newly purchased beautiful fabrics, explore exciting markets, experience the Holy Cows of India and, most importantly of all - let ambience catch you! A trip to Goa is without doubt a true experience you will never forget.

Northern and southern Goa

You will quickly discover that there is a big difference between the northern and southern parts of Goa. For several decades, the northern part of Goa has been synonymous with hippies, drugs and full moon parties - which is still the case today, but this is slowly beginning to change. The area can offer more than hippie culture: Eat at great restaurants, go wild in the bars and discos, set out on shopping or go visit the old fort Aguda where you can get a super view of the river Mandovi. Southern Goa is quieter and more luxurious, and here the hotels are located close together along the edge - like tourists. If you want a little more privacy, you should go to Arossim Beach or Colva which is located a short distance further north. Here you can enjoy a more leisurely pace and a more relaxed side of India.

Adventures in Goa

A couple of kilometers inland from the coast is Goa's capital Panaji. Until the year 1961, Goa was still under Portuguese rule, and you can still see remnants everywhere after this period in architecture. Stroll around in the older parts of Sao Tome and Fontainhas while allowing the atmosphere - a mix of both India and Europe - embrace you. In Panaji you can experience the best of India's colors, aromas and flavors. A couple of kilometers east of Panaji is the ancient capital of Old Goa. This city is listed on the UNESCO's World Heritage list and here you'll find Asia's largest Christian church, so it is certainly worth taking a visit. Check out the cathedral and stop at the tomb of St Francis Xavier.

Goa's fun side

If you are looking for shopping then you should head to the markets Mapusa and Anjuna. The latter is a well-known hippie market where you can get everything from colorful saris, jewelery and utensils for wood, spices and souvenirs. And the best part? Everything is ridiculously CHEAP! Local food is an equally cool experience, and you can revel in both fresh seafood and an endless variety of traditional, tasty curries. Thirst goes out with the locally brewed Kingfisher beer. While you're here, you should also check out yoga and Ayurvedic - an old-fashioned therapy that helps you to open up your physical and mental wellbeing. Both options are offered pretty much everywhere in Goa

Transport in Goa

Taxi will no doubt be the most affordable way to get around. There are also train and local busses for those who travel long distances.

Best time to visit Goa

The best months of the year to travel to Goa is between November and February / March.

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