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Travel to Mumbai - Exotic and extreme

Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, is India's largest city and in many ways it can be described as a spicy Indian masala dish; Wild and hot like fire. It is just as hectic and chaotic as you probably imagine it to be. Mumbai is a city of contrasts with lots of beautiful sights and colorful people. Book your trip to Mumbai with KILROY!

Mumbai - A city of contrasts

Mumbai is a strange and fascinating mix of everything. First and foremost, it is a city where extreme wealth meets unimaginable poverty. Walking down the streets shows you how the daily life in Mumbai unfolds: cyclists, traders, lots of shouting, beggars side by side with cars, buses, cows and goats! It is like a completely different world!

India's Hollwoood: Bollywood

Movies are a very big deal in Mumbai. No other city in the world produces as many films (500-600 a year), and they mostly take place in Bollywood - India's version of Hollywood. The characteristic Indian musical inspired films are produced here; a genre Indians never get tired of looking at (unlike some others). Whether you like these films or not, it is fun to experience the movie studios on a tour - you can even become an actor for a day!

Impressions for a lifetime in Mumbai

Mumbai not only have their own Hollywood; they also have their own Beverly Hills. In Mumbai called Malabar Hills and the young, beautiful and rich are mixed with beggars, businessmen, brokers, sellers, prostitutes, street vendors and more.

The best way to experience the city is on foot. This way you get the best taste of the city. If you walk a couple of blocks away from the Colaba area, where most backpackers stay, it is like stepping one hundred years back in time. Suddenly, modern cafes, restaurants and air-conditioned shopping centers are replaced with simple fruit markets, little shacks and sewage.

The impressions of Mumbai will be imprinted in your memory forever. The colors, the smells, the flavors, the sounds, the traffic, the crowds, the heat, the humidity, the chaos and the contrast is all overwhelming.

Attractions in Mumbai

There are many possibilities in Mumbai. Mingle with the city's yuppies or young and beautiful on the famous Leopold Café, the cocktail bar Club Mondegar or the eccentric nightclub Enigma. You can dine like the vast majority of the city's (poor) population for few dollars on almost any street corner. Or dine like a real maharaja (the ancient Indian kings) on one of the city's finer, and great restaurants.

No matter what you choose, the Indian cuisine is indescribably good. Try, for example, a tali, which is a mixture of some of the best of India: rice, chapati bread, lentils, curry, chutneys and pickles. It tastes wonderful, and should be washed down with a mouthwatering mango-lassi (a yogurt-drink).

You can also shop in one of the numerous, local and colorful markets selling everything from cassette tapes to sunglasses. Take a trip to the caves on Elephanta Island or enjoy the sunset and the lively atmosphere at Chowpatty Beach. And of course you should visit the beaches and enjoy the lively and crazy atmosphere of the famous Goa which is relatively close to Mumbai.

Accommodation and transport in Mumbai

The port area Colaba is where you find most of the cheap hotels and hostels - it is, in other words Mumbai's backpacker headquarters. The atmosphere is extremely relaxed, the sea breeze pleasant and the prices fair.

When you are going around the city, the taxi is the best option - they are cheap, convenient (by Indian standards) and is available everywhere. Remember to ask the driver to start the taximeter or be sure to negotiate a price with him first. An excellent alternative is to take a ride on the characteristic tuktuk or the many rickshaws which is a special way to experience Mumbai.

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