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Travel to Japan – the favorite of the Far East

A trip to Japan is a trip to a country and a culture of extreme grandeur and beauty. Be amazed by Tokyo’s or Osaka’s style and endless streams of people, experience the blossoming cherry trees in spring, visit Japan’s temples, try a bath in an onsen - Japans hot springs, take walk in a wonderful Japanese garden, try the real deal when it comes to sushi, watch sumo wrestlers in live action, climb a volcano and socialize with the locals at one of Japan’s typical small bars located everywhere. All in all, the possibilities in Japan are endless.

Travel to Tokyo – Where everything is extreme

For most people Tokyo is the first city they see when traveling to Japan. As a visitor in Tokyo you can completely disappear in the daily chaos of people that flow by in an endless stream on subway stations, streets and shopping malls. Here is a never-ending life of neon banners, commercials and blinking facades, and it can all feel a bit claustrophobic for a first-time visitor. Thankfully, this great city has lots of unique and different neighbourhoods. Tokyo holds lots of surprises and oases if you take your time to discover what lies beneath the surface.

Try the fish in Tokyo

Tokyo Tsukiji is the largest fish market in the world and definitely worth a visit. To experience the famous Tuna Auction, you have to wake up early – the market is open from 3:30 – 6:00. Also be aware that market is split in two.

Nikko: An amazing day trip

After your visit to the fish market you can continue to Nikko, which is Japan’s temple capital located a few hours’ drive north of Tokyo. The area is beautifully clad with cedar forrest and known for its both Buddhist and Shinto temples. If you’re lucky, you’ll see one of the famous Shinto weddings, where everyone is dressed in traditional dress. Wedding or not, this place is truly special.

The hot springs in Hakone

It’s almost impossible to travel to Japan without visiting at least one of the many hot springs scattered across the country. In Japanese they are called Onsen and make an indispensable time off for many locals – and you will easily understand why when you visit one of these places. Visit one of the onsens in Hakone located about 100 km from Tokyo, they offer a magnificent view to Mount Fuji, or Fuju-san as the local say. 

Travel to Kyoto – A visit to the old Japan

A trip to Japan should include at least a day or two in Kyoto, but you could easily spend a week in this fantastic city. Kyoto used to be the capital back in the very old days and you will understand why when you visit. A reminder of these days is present in the many beautiful temples surrounded by Japanese. In many ways Kyoto is the right place to discover and get a taste of the real Japan.

Osaka and nearby Himeji Castle

Continuing west from Kyoto you find Osaka and Himeji Castle, one of the most impressive and most visited castles in Japan. It’s a very traditional and typical Japanese piece of work, and you easily understand why it’s protected by UNESCO. Himeji Castle is located just 1,5 hour away by car from the major city of Osaka.

Skiing in Japan: Hokkaido and Sapporo

If you visit Japan in the winter, you can go skiing on the island of Hokkaido in the north of Japan. Here you’ll discover wild forests and active volcanoes. Snowfall is abundant and apart from the excellent Sapporo Snow Festival in Sapporo, there are large numbers of great resorts like Niseko, Furano and Rusutsu.

Southern Japan: Okinawa

In the very opposite end of Japan you find a group of tropical islands called Okinawa which is warm with high temperatures most of the year. Both the main island Okinawa and the smaller islands around it have beautiful beaches and enchanting coral reefs.

Places to go i Japan

Japan offers a variety of nature, cities, snowy mountains and tropical islands. It is quite different from most other places in Asia. This unique country might even make you feel like you are in a fairytale.


Do you want to study in Japan?

The quality of education in Japan is a top priority for the universities! More and more universities offer education in English, which means you don't have to be fluent in Japanese to study in Japan! You will automatically gain first-hand knowledge of a fascinating culture and an exciting population when you live and study in Japan. 

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