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Travel to the Philippines - the ultimate tropical destination

The Philippines is any backpacker’s dream with its crystal-clear waters, colourful snd fish! Hike the volcanoes, relax on the beautiful sandy beaches, and get amazing diving experiences. The Philippines have a lot to offer for travellers: yummy food, lots of accommodation options, a well-functioning infrastructure (most of the times), helpful locals, and countless islands to discover! We do have a warning for shoppers though - you might go crazy in the Philippines since it is very cheap and even way cheaper than Thailand...

Welcome to the Philippines!

Most travellers commence their trip in Manila since it´s easy getting there. From Manila, you can easily access the many tropical islands e.g. Cebu, El Nido, Boracay and Puerto Princesa to name a few. If you make a roundtrip, you will surely be travelling with other backpackers from around the world.

Palawan – a fascinating island

These islands have many wonders to offer and are home to diverse landscapes. Nowhere else in the world, will you find such big variations of landscapes in one location, as in this extraordinary archipelago. The tropical Island of Palawan is the most variated of them all. From stretches of jungle, high rock formations with deserted white palm beaches to black volcanic beaches and even underground rivers, Palawan has it all. The island has been voted as the most beautiful island of the world, several times!

UNESCO sites in the Philippines

There is off course much more to the Philippines than just Palawan. No less than six different spots of the country are on the list of World Heritage Sites of UNESCO, under which the Rice Terraces on Luzon Island, the four Baroque churches, the historical city of Vigan, the reefs of Tubbataha and the longest subterranean river of Asia in the Puerto-Princesa National Park.

Ring of fire

The Philippines are part of the Pacific 'Ring of Fire', meaning you will find various volcanoes here of which many of them are still active. Therefore, a lot of the tropical islands are volcanic, mountainous and covered with rainforests. Mount Apo Mindanao ranging up to 2,954 metres is the tallest mountain in Philippines. There are active volcanoes like Mayon and Mount Pinatubo, both on Luzon Island. It’s crater-lake is simply spectacular. Another amazing crater lake to be seen is Lake Taal by the Taal volcano.

Activities in the Philippines

The Philippines is an amazing diving destination. Scuba divers and snorkelers are drawn to these waters because of their rich marine life and amazing diving spots. Coron is the place to be for the ones that love shipwreck diving. The whole area is covered in Japanese ships that sunk during World War II. Also, Marine Conservation is very important, and you will find many protected marine areas.
If you want to do some trekking, head to Camiguin Island near Cebu and Bohol. There are seven volcanoes offering nice hikes on the hills as well as volcanic springs.
You can volunteer and contribute to the development of local communities or the conservation of the marine life in the Philippines. Through a volunteering project, you will experience the culture and life through the eyes of local people.

Three travel tips for Philippines

  1. Always dreamt about swimming with Manatees? You can do this all year round at the island of Dimakya. Want to swim with whale sharks? Head to Donsol!
  2. Boracay Island has the reputation of being the ultimate paradise. However, you are not the only one knowing this, so be aware of the crowds.
  3. You can get a visa on arrival which is valid for 30 days, which you can extend by 29 days (so 59 days in total).

There's something for everyone

Take a look below at the map, with some of the most popular places in the Philippines. Whether you want to spend time shopping or lying on the beach, there's something for everyone

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