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Ayers Rock Uluru


Travel to Ayers Rock - The sacred miracle in Australia's outback

A mystical experience awaits if you are a traveller in the Australian outback, the sacred stone Uluru also known as Ayers Rock.

The australian outback with it's red soil is a home for dingos and wild horses. In the middle of nowhere lies the aboriginal's sacred stone, the ancient old Uluru, or known also as the Ayers Rock among tourists. The sandstone rock formation is one of the world's biggest miracles of the nature, it reaches up to 348 meters and yet most of it is underground. 

Travel to Ayers Rock and a symphony of colors

There is a special thing about Uluru is how the colors change. In the morning mist it glows the colors of orange and red, the daylight brings a soft ochre and when the evening arrives, colors become darker from light brown to dark grey. Travelers from all over the globe gaze at the rock during the sunrise and sunset. The atmosphere is magical at 4 am when the most enthousiastic travellers wake up early to watch the sunrise.

Hiking around Ayers Rock

During the day we recommend you to take a 10 kilometer hike around the rock. In the route there are signboards that tell the history of the aboriginals. It's not prohibited to climb Ayers Rock in Australia, however the aboriginal's deeply wish that tourist wouldn't do it. Several accidents and even cases of death have led to a situation where the authorities of the park consider prohibiting the climbing.

In addition to Uluru, there are other sights of amazing nature nearby. The massive rock formation, Kata Tjuta, also know as Mount Olga or The Olgas. 300 kilometers from Uluru to northeast is a national park of which the most significant sight is Kings Canyon, a canyon that splits the earth up to 300 meters deep.

Australia's outback - Ayers Rock is truly in the middle of nowhere

Nearby Uluru you can find a well-equipped camping site where you can sleep in tents or under the stars in the desert. The distances are challenging, so if you don't have time to spend several days in the bus from for example Adelaide or Darwin to Ayers Rock, the easiest way is to take a flight to a small airport of Ayers Rock or to Alice Spring. The flight from Sydney takes 3 hours. We still recommend you to take the bus if you have the time and patience, you'll see quite a lot on the way. From Alice Springs there is a choice of adventure tours that take you to Uluru and Kings Canyon.

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