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Travel to Byron Bay - Backpacking Mecca!

Byron Bay is a picture-perfect destination and your trip to Australia is not complete without a visit there. Located at the most eastern point of mainland Australia with over 30 kilometres of beach, Byron Bay is a mecca for backpackers!

A vibrant piece of earth

Byron Bay’s vast beaches, outdoor activities, relaxed atmosphere, alternative culture, and many festivals are enough to entertain any young traveler who is passing through. Just prepare yourself for the inevitable, you will not want to leave!

Sun, sea, and beach

The sea at Byron Bay is full of life. Diving, surfing and other water sports are daily activities here, but it is also an ideal place to relax. There is nothing wrong with sitting on the beach and simply staring out at the vast ocean. In fact, it is quite common to spot dolphins and whales jumping out of the water in the distance. If you are in good shape, you might want to try the "Daily Ocean Swim" . Every morning at 8 o’clock, a group of swimmers walks from the Surf Club to The Pass and then swims back. The swim is about 1.5 kilometres long and you will find a group of 20-50 locals doing this every day.

Bohemian lifestyle

The bohemian lifestyle creates a laid back atmosphere with lots of space to relax and feel free. On every street, you will find great organic lunch spots. Wander a few steps further and you can easily get a cheap massage or take part in a yoga class. Also be sure to visit Byron Bay's markets to find great products and handicrafts.

Live music in Byron Bay

Many artists touring in Australia make a stop in Byron Bay. The Byron Bay Community Center offers nightly entertainment and a lot of the Beach Hotels have live music every Sunday. From March to November, there are many fun festivals as well, including the 4 day Mullum Music Festival in November.

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