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Darwin – Australia's wild side

See Australia's rugged scenery and incredible wildlife in Crocodile Dundee's home town of Darwin in the Northern Territory. Up here, you are guaranteed the real Australian outback experience that you thought only existed in movies. Do you want to be Crocodile Dundee for a day? Visit Darwin and Kakadu!


Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory and, with a population of 90,000 people, it is teeming with activities and energy. Darwin's natural harbor is double the size of Sydney’s. The city also has museums, animal parks and zoos, and a surprising number of congenial bars and restaurants. However, the main reason for Darwin's popularity among travelers is its close proximity to Australia’s most popular National Park, the 20,000 square kilometer Kakadu National Park. Crocodile Dundee was filmed there and, if you are at all interested in Australian wildlife (including crocodiles), this is the place to go!


You will find generous meals and restaurants of all price ranges. Be sure to try the Barramundi fish, the local favorite among sport fisherman. Christos’ on Michael Street is considered to be one of Darwin’s best fish and seafood restaurants. You can find a budget alternative in the harbor area, known as “The Wharf Precinct”, which offers fantastic seafood for less that half the price of a fine restaurant. After dinner, head to Mitchell Street to experience Darwin's nightlife.

The amazing national parks

When it is time to take in the sites and surroundings, a natural place to start is Kakadu National Park. With red bush land, amazing waterfalls, and Aboriginal cave paintings, this is the real outback experience. Another option for a day trip is a visit to the Litchfield National Park. This one is smaller than Kakadu, but much closer to the city.

In town

Several museums and art galleries of the Northern Territory show Aboriginal art as well as memorials of Hurricane Tracy, which wiped out the whole city in 1974.

Crocodylus Park

This animal park is home to many indigenous animals as well as lions, monkeys, and loads of crocodiles. Start here to prepare for the real animal experience in the bush!  


Darwin has a number of great sandy beaches. Unfortunately, you have to be pretty bold to swim there, as there are salt water crocodiles and sharks in the water throughout the entire year. If that wasn’t enough, you will also find deadly jellyfish swimming there between November and March.

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