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Travel to Tasmania - the miniature of Australia

There are many who travel to Australia without visiting the island of Tasmania, south of the state of Victoria, and this is truly a shame. This island offers both lots of beautiful scenery with interesting history and culture.

In Tasmania you will find a completely different side of Australia, which nevertheless in many ways is quite typical to the country. Here are vast, rugged land of true wilderness, fascinating landscapes and exciting wildlife with lots of kangaroos and koalas. Tasmania is truly unique in comparison to the Australian mainland. 

Wildlife and activities in Tasmania

You will not get bored in Tasmania. You can for example go trekking in the bush, cycle, raft or float in a kayak, in the wild but peaceful nature.

The best place to go bush walking, is on the central part of the island, on the 65 km. long Overland Track through Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. This hike takes about six days and is an awesome experience of nature - you must however be aware that weather conditions can change almost from hour to hour, so pack your bag with care.

We can also recommend Freycenet National Park near the small town of Coles Bay on Tasmania's east coast. Here you can find plenty of unspoilt beaches and coves. In particular enjoy the magnificent, almost pink granite cliffs, the park is quite famous for them. 

Travel to Tasmania and the charming east coast

The whole east coast of Tasmania is full of charming coastal towns, sandy beaches and dazzling views of the beautiful, and in many places rocky, coast. Besides Freycenet National Park is the highlight on the east coast beautiful Wine Glass Bay and another National Park: Mt William located in the north part of the coast.

Hobart, the main city of Tasmania 

Tasmania's main city Hobart is another highlight of the East Coast - here you'll find plenty of historic charm as it is Australia's second oldest city after Sydney. There are plenty of trendy cafes, great festivals and great bars. The city's location near Mt Wellington and the sea on the other side is not bad - and if you wish to spend a full day by the sea, a trip to the excellent Seven Mile Beach is highly recommended.

If you travel on the south-east coast of Tasmania you should also go past Port Arthur, a historic area from the time when convicts were among the first inhabitants of Australia. Here one can not avoid being more or less affected by the harsh and brutal legacy and repercussions from the time when this part of Tasmania served as penal colonies. The place has something gloomy and sad about it, but is also extremely fascinating.

Visit Western Tasmania - the "real" part of the island

Most of this part of the island is wild and unspoiled, and not all places are equally easy to reach. But this is certainly a different and unique part of Australia, especially because this part of Tasmania in contrary to many other parts of Australia completely lacks tourists – which is great for you! A highlight in this southwestern corner is the magnificent Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park, offering great rafting, climbing and trekking. Here are also deep river gorges and impenetrable rainforest, which at the northern part has a few good hiking trails.

And then there's the stunning South West National Park, which fills a large part of south-western Tasmania. This national park is nothing less than amazing, mainly thanks to it's amazing rainforest and giant trees. On top of this you get the sight of snowy mountain peaks, which are mirrored in the fantastic mountain lakes and in summer a profusion of beautiful wild flowers.

A trip to this part of Tasmania is a highlight not just on the journey in Australia, but in general, among all the magical places on Planet Earth. You have to see it!

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