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North Island


Travel to the North Island, New Zealand - Wild action and great adventures

The North Island of New Zealand offers a large variety of sights and possibilities: The beautiful Bay of Islands, volcanic mud baths and warm springs at Rotorua, the dynamic big city Auckland, the exciting Maori-culture by Lake Taupo and the artistic and cultural Wellington. But there is plenty more.

The place where you never get bored

New Zealand and especially the North Island is the place where you never have to be bored. You can see and experience the most important things in 8-10 days, but make sure you have more time here, because there is so much to do, especially when it comes to action, adrenaline and adventure. If you take the time, you may for example head out on an adventure on White Island to trek on an active volcano. You can do the same on the beautiful mountain Mount Egmont and Mount Tongariro or any of the impressing glaciers. Yes, there are glaciers also on the North Island. When you have swum in the hot springs and mud by Rotorua, you can enjoy the coastline and roaring waves of the Pacific Ocean and later visit the vineyards in Wairarapa and enjoy a chardonnay or three.


If you are looking for activity, variation and entertainment, New Zealand is the place. Here you will find endless coastlines with good waves, so grab a surfboard and throw yourself into the ocean. If you don´t know how, there are plenty of instructors who can teach you. Other places that offer good diving possibilities are Paihia and Bay of Islands which are also perfect places for sailing and sea kayaking. There are just as many things to do on land. One after the other, the fantastic national parks offer hiking routes - you can choose everything from a couple of hours walking trip to hiking tours of 2-3 days. If you wish to do something wilder, you can for example throw yourself from Sky Tower in Auckland with a bungee rope - in the evening with a view over the shining illuminated city. There are of course plenty more places to try bungee jumping on the North Island, especially over a few of the rivers.

A more alternative and cultural activity is to visit Taupo where you will get a unique insight into the Maori-culture, the aboriginal population of New Zealand that came from Polynesia, further out in the Pacific Ocean. Here you will find remarkable culture centers and in the evening you can experience a show with dance, loads of food and battle cries.

Auckland and Wellington: Shopping and nightlife

Auckland offers fantastic shopping possibilities in the large shopping centers and chain stores as well as in the many smaller shops along the streets. The capital, Wellington, offers a better selection of trendy and alternative shops, while both cities can be proud of an excellent range of restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

The New Zealand cuisine is a mixture of European, Asian and Polynesian ingredients and inputs and there is really something for every taste. The meat is a chapter in itself: delicious thick steaks, tender lamb (remember there are plenty more sheep than people) and wonderful fresh fish. Both the local wine and beer is really good and the prices are comparably good (a little lower than the Nordic).

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