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I study Interior Design in Australia

student malin at the beach in australia looking at a pelican
Emma Knudsen

I knew I wanted to study abroad

"I grew up in a tiny town far in Northern Sweden and for as long as I remember, I have always wanted to study interior design abroad. At first, I wanted to study in the US but after consulting KILROY, I found out that studying interior design at TAFE in Australia would be the best for me. So I decided to move to sunny Australia to experience something completely new. What I like about studying in Australia is the fact that I can work besides my studies so that I can travel and explore Australia's many highlights."

How I live

"I live in Brisbane and it takes me approximately half an hour to school. Brisbane is a lovely city and it has everything you need such as a great nightlife, loads of shopping, restaurants and breathtaking nature. By train it takes only 1,5 hour to reach Surfer's Paradise on the Gold Coast

I share an apartment with three 'Aussies' that I found online on an accommodation site (flatmatefinders.com.au), and I love it. They have been a great help to me since I arrived and they have helped me open a bank account, get a mobile subscription and everything else. In the weekends we usually go out together to have lunch or we go shopping."

TAFE is amazing for international students

"TAFE South Bank, the campus that I go to, is amazing for international students. The level of teaching is much higher than I expected and I am positively surprised on many levels. Some of the subjects and courses I never thought I needed in order to become an Interior Designer, but they are so interesting.

The pace of study is high and even if we only attend classes twice a week, from 8-17, I need at least two full study days to keep up with the pace. The school even encourages us to start up our own company and they teach us how to create logos, a company name and much more, which I think is great to learn."


I have a student job in Australia

"At TAFE there are many international students and most of them are ready to explore Australia and do fun stuff in the spare time. I even work as a waitress twice a week and through my student job I have many international and local friends. Everybody is so nice and happy here. I never feel lonely!"


Best regards,


malin a student at tafe in australia holding a koala

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