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Study in New Zealand

Study in New Zealand
Study in New Zealand

Studying in New Zealand & how we help you!

New Zealand is an amazing place to study. If you have the chance to go, then go! You won't regret it. We offer free study guidance to students and youth who want to study in New Zealand both short-term and long-term. We tell you how you can finance your studies in New Zealand as an international student, and we tell you how to apply to your dream study (we even hand in the application for you), we tell you how to find student accommodation in New Zealand and we answer all of your questions. Oh, and did we mention that we do not charge anything for our service?

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...in beautiful New Zealand.

The culture and nature of New Zealand offer exciting alternatives in comparison to other English-speaking countries. At the same time can the students enjoy a wide range of high-level educations. New Zealand is a forerunner in many areas and leading in many international comparisons in school standards.

Who can study in New Zealand?

If you have completed an Upper Secondary Education with satisfactory results, you are eligible to apply to a university in New Zealand. Studies in New Zealand are for those who:

  • take a gap year and want to try to live in New Zealand - study for a semester or two and take courses of your interest
  • are already enrolled in a university in your home country and want to study a semester or two in New Zealand and transfer the ECTS-points to your education at home (also called Study Abroad/Freemover)
  • dream of studying an entire Degree in New Zealand e.g. your Bachelor or Master (some Masters are only 1 year in New Zealand)
  • want to study their Ph.d. in New Zealand
  • want to specialize in your area of interest after you've finished studying and take a Certificate/Diploma

Where can I study in New Zealand?

We help you apply to some of the best universities in New Zealand in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin e.g. at:

Why study in New Zealand?

The culture and nature of New Zealand offer exciting alternatives in comparison to other English-speaking countries.  At the same time can the students enjoy a wide range of high-level educations. New Zealand is a forerunner in many areas and leading in many international comparisons in school standards. Our partner universities have over 100 years of experience, are internationally recognized and have many fields of study.

New Zealand lies halfway between equator and the south pole, separated from the rest of the world.  The North Island has a Mediterranean climate and the South Island is somewhat colder. The nature is one of the cleanest in the world. The largest part of the country's four million inhabitants are of European descent. 15% of the population has aboriginal descent, the Maoris, whose culture is present in the society today. The Kiwis, the unofficial name for people from New Zealand, are friendly, and international students receive a warm welcome.  New Zealanders spend a lot of time outdoors, and this is the perfect place for the outdoor type!  The price level in New Zealand is higher than in Denmark and the cities are safe and pleasant. 

Study levels in New Zealand

University educations is divided into three levels: Lower education studies (bachelor's degree), higher education studies (master's degree) and PhD degree that is taken after a master's degree.

It usually takes three years to complete a bachelor's degree and 1.5 - 2 years more to complete a master's degree. Once you have completed a bachelor's degree, you have the chance to take a master's degree or an honors-year.  In New Zealand, most students start to work after studying a bachelor's degree, so if you take a bachelor's degree are there good chances for getting a good job, if you want to stay in New Zealand. You can also go to New Zealand for one or two semesters and study some subjects as a part of your education at home, thus having your credit transferred to your home university after studying in New Zealand.

The studies are a combination of teaching, meetings in smaller groups and independent studying. At the end of the semester will take a final exam in each subject.

Financing studies in New Zealand

There are many ways to finance your studies in New Zealand. Your local study advisor knows everything about this topic and we advice you to reach out to us and hear about your possibilities.

Private support

Some universities offer scholarships, so good grades from previous studies can be a benefit.  It is also a good idea to apply for scholarships from different associations. You may also apply for scholarships at your university, if you want to study for one to two semesters.

Work and study in New Zealand

If your studies lasts more than 12 months, you can also apply for a work permit so you can work for 20 hours per week and full time during school holidays. Working while studying is an excellent way to get some extra money and at the same time to get some work experience. However, please note that your studies will take a large part of your time, so book your first semester for your studies until you know how much you will be able to work. According to former exchange students finding a job should be relatively easy.

Practical information

Housing in New Zealand for students

You can choose to live on campus or you can look for accommodation on the private market. Many students choose to live together with other students. Prices vary depending on your requirements for the accommodation. If you wish to make use of the university's housing opportunities, KILROY education can help you to get an overview and to apply for them.

Visa for students

You will need a student visa when you travel to New Zealand. Our study advisors can help you with the visa application if you get accepted to a university in New Zealand.


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