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Hawaii Pacific University

The Coastline and skyline at Hawaii
Hawaii Pacific University Entrance Aloha Towers

Study at Hawaii Pacific University & how we help!

Hawaii Pacific University (HPU) combines the excitement of an urban downtown campus with the serenity of a campus set in the green foothills of O’ahu’s Ko’olau mountains, and its aquaculture research facility, Oceanic Institute, borders the ocean. So in your free time, you can go surfing in Waikiki or just “hang loose”.

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Reach out to us and receive our free study guidance if you wish to study in Hawaii. Your personal study adviser helps you with all the practicalities about studying in Hawaii such as financing, housing, scholarships and your application if you wish to study a:

  • Semester (study abroad)
  • Bachelor
  • Master

...at Hawaii Pacific University.

You can study almost anything at Hawaii Pacific University and some examples are business, tourism and hospitality, communication, anthropology, computer sciences, marketing, international business, education and marine biology. Almost anything is possible.

10 Good reasons to study at Hawaii Pacific University

  1. A diverse student population: Your fellow students hail from over 65 different countries from all over the world.
  2. A wide range of study options – around 30 bachelor degrees and 15 master degrees to choose from.
  3. A student- faculty ration of 12:1, so plenty of valuable one on one time with professors to reach your academic goals!
  4. HPU’s location in the center of the world’s largest ocean makes it the ideal place to study marine sciences and oceanography. HPU is connected to the Oceanic Institute - a major research center specializing in marine biology, marine aquaculture, biotechnology, and ocean resource management.
  5. There are also several scholarships available to international bachelor degree students worth up to $14,000 per academic year. International students are considered for merit scholarships at time of application and besides merit scholarships, there are also athletic and talent scholarships available for eligble students.
  6. HPU’s student life is very active, with approximately 50 different clubs and organizations, as well as student events that you can join, whether it be United Nations club, the International club or the Leaders for a Sustainable Future club.
  7. The main campus is located in the heart of downtown Honolulu - the financial, cultural and governmental hub of Hawaii.
  8. Since Hawaii is a very popular tourist destination, it is the perfect place to learn about the tourism industry and also explore it!
  9. Hawaii is home to some of the worlds’ most beautiful beaches.
  10. The people of Hawaii are known for their friendliness.

Study programs at HPU

Hawaii Pacific University offers over 30 bachelor degrees and 15 master degrees. The most popular areas of study are business, tourism and hospitality, communication and marine biology.

Student accommodation at Hawaii Pacific University

The university has two options for students who prefer to live in university housing. One option is to live in the new Waterfront Lofts at Aloha Tower Marketplace in downtown Honolulu. The Waterfront Lofts are a vibrant, mixed-use residential and commercial center designed to serve HPU’s students and community. The 370-bed residential community is located on the second and third floor of the downtown campus, the Aloha Tower Marketplace. Live on the water, wake up to Hawaiian sunrises, and end your day watching the sunset. At the Lofts you are supported by caring residential staff community advisors and have convenient access to HPU facilities. Meal plans are required here. You can chose to live in a single room, a double room or even a triple room.

Furthermore you'll find the The Loa campus which has residence halls mainly for younger, undergraduate students. Students living here are required to purchase a meal plan as well. The Hawaii Loa campus has recreational facilities that include basketball/volleyball courts, tennis courts, a fitness center and a Student Center.

A lot of students prefer to find their own accommodation. This is perfect if you feel comfortable living on your own. We advise that you find housing well in advance, at least for the first semester. You should therefore set aside sufficient time for house hunting before you start your studies. The majority of students live in the Waikiki area.

Campuses at Hawaii Pacific University

Hawaii Pacific University has three campuses on the island of Oahu.

The Downtown campus is located in the central business district of Honolulu and is close to Chinatown. The campus is comprised of six buildings and hosts the College of Business Administration and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Facilities on this campus include computer labs, study rooms, libraries, a bookshop and high-tech classrooms.

8 Miles down the road in Kaneohe, you will find the lush and green Loa campus which is home to the College of Natural and Computational Sciences and the College of Health Sciences. Several general education courses are taught here as well. This is also the campus that has the residential colleges and the sport facilities.

HPU is also affiliated with the Oceanic Institute, where some student study, do research and carry out internships. A shuttle bus operates between these locations.

Campus life at HPU

Apart from the academic facilities at HPU such as libraries, teaching rooms, computer rooms and science labs, there is plenty of opportunities to relax as well. The university has a wide range of clubs that you can join. There is something for everyone. Cultural clubs such as the Global Brigade and the International Student Club but also academic societies including the Computer Club and the History Club. If you like to be active after sitting still in class for hours you can become a member of one the sports clubs or even the dance club. No need to be bored after the academic work is done! The islands of Hawaii are a great place to study and explore. 

Apply to Hawaii Pacific University

Hawaii Pacific University's admission requirements vary depending on the degree you want to apply for, but the minimum requirement is a reasonable grade point average. They will evaluate your past and current studies. Students applying for certain Master programs might be required to take either the GRE or GMAT test.  

The English requirements vary depending on the degree that you want to apply for. There are specific (TOEFL/IELTS) English test score limits set for the study programs, however, you might be eligible for an exemption based on your upper secondary school English competence. Ask for the English level requirements from our study advisors.

We recommend that you send your application as soon as possible.

  • Study Abroad students: Study Abroad students start to be registered for courses early April for the Fall semester, and early November for the Spring semester, so they should apply as early as possible to get the courses they want.
  • Bachelor degree students: In order to secure the best possible position for yourself in the scholarship consideration, apply as early as by November for the studies starting in the fall the following year. Early application also allows you to prepare for the move, take care of the practicalities, sign up for preferred classes, look into housing etc.
    Following this priority date, HPU has a rolling admission process, which means there are no further set deadlines to submit admissions documents and that applications are reviewed throughout the remainder of the year.
  • Postgraduate full degree students: Most programs have rolling admission, but some Master programs have specific deadlines. Contact our study advisors for more information. 


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Degrees at HPU

You can study:

  • Bachelor's degree
    You can choose between over 30 bachelor programs at Hawaii Pacific University.
  • Master's degree
    Hawaii Pacific University offers 15 different master degrees.
  • A semester or two / Study Abroad
    As a Study Abroad student, you can make a selection from all the courses the university offers e.g. anthropology, computer sciences, marketing, international business, communications, education and psychology to name a few. However, in order to take the course, you have to meet the applicable course pre-requisites. We’ll help you work this out!

The academic year is divided into two semesters that begin in August (the Fall semester) and January (the Spring Semester). 

Financing studies at HPU

The cost of studying at Hawaii Pacific University varies according to your level of study and study field. Our study advisors will be happy to send you the preliminary price for your preferred study program and courses, as well as an estimated budget of living in Hawaii.

Hawaii Pacific University has various scholarships for international undergraduate, graduate and study abroad students. Our study advisors can provide you with information about tuition fees, living costs, scholarships and other funding options. 


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