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Krüger National Park


Travel to Krüger National Park - amazing safari

Even the most hardened city people will find a nature lover in themselves at a safari in Krüger. The elephants, giraffes, hippos and other animal in their natural surroundings will have an effect on you that is unforgettable. This is truly magical!
In the night I hear the lions roar and it feels like it's just outside the tent. In reality however, the animal had probably been walking about a kilometer from our tent, the guide kindly explains to us the morning after. The amazing sounds on the savanna are an experience that you will never forget. Rustling, growling and chirping from dusk till dawn.

Go on a safari in the Krüger National Park

Be prepared to spot every kind of animal, right when you enter into the area. You can see impalas, zebras, giraffes, elephants…the list is endless. The memory card of the camera fills up in a record time and a better lens goes to the next-thing-to-shop at latest when we spot a hippopotamus yawning in a mud puddle.

The heat of the afternoon brings animals to a drinking place, monkeys and wild boars hang around the puddle and only make way when an elephant arrives wagging it's giant ears. When the darkness arrives, the park changes into a drama scene. The guide aims his flash light to the bushes where we can see big, glowing eyes of different animals. Was that a cheetah up in the tree? 

Rent a car in Krüger National Park or book a pre-arranged trip

You basically have two options when you want to go for a safari to Kruger. If you have the time to plan ahead, and have some courage as well, you can rent a car and go there by yourself. It's at least 4 hours drive from Johannesburg to Kruger Park, so don't even think about doing it in one day. There are campsites with tents or cabins for accommodation in the park and a larger variety of accommodation outside the park. Please note that if you dare to go ahead by yourself, you might not see the animals you wish. That is actually why we recommend you to have a pre-arranged trip, since the guides of different tours communicate along the day where the animals are. The professional tour leaders can also tell you loads about the animals and their behaviour. The vehicles on pre-arranged trips are safe, the accommodation and food are also included, so you don’t have to spend time on that. Just bring yourself and your camera, of course!

For the beginners KILROY recommends Drifter's basic, but excellent, 5 Day safari. It is suitable also for honeymooners, since the accommodation is in lodges. In the flexible backpacker hop-on hop-off bus passes, Baz Bus Flexi 1 or 2, a 4 day safari to Kruger is included.

If you wish to other cool places in Africa while you are here, Intrepid's 7 day tour takes you to Botswana and to Victoria Falls. Another trip that we recommend is 15 day GAP’s tour which takes you to Krüger Park but also to Swaziland and Mozambique. For the divers, the gem of the trip is the possibility to dive at the St Lucia Wetland.

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