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10 destinations that will get you off the beaten track

The nature is outstanding in Alaska

Are you chasing the unknown?

Do you want to go where none of your friends have been yet? Are you looking for new experiences on the other side of the earth? Then check out this list, where we've gathered 10 unique destinations that will take your breath away and get you off the beaten track. A great way to cure your corona travel blues and get you dreaming about your next adventure! 

1. Alaska, USA

Res till Alaska

​For those of you who have seen the movie 'Into the Wild', a trip to Alaska may seem more daunting than welcoming. But the fact is that this wilderness paradise is absolutely amazing. Alaska is the largest state in the United States, but has only about 670,000 inhabitants. This is also where you will find the US's largest mountain, Mount McKinley, lots of good treks, grizzly bears and lots of fish! Take the train via the Alaska Railroad and enjoy the amazing scenery on the road.


2. Vanuatu

Vanuatu is one of the traditionally less visited destinations in Oceania, which is actually a big shame. Vanuatu is an absolutely stunning Pacific Island that offers both raw volcanoes and white sand beaches! There is a long way to Vanuatu, which means you probablu won't meet a lot of other people who've been. in other words; the perfect off the beaten track destination! 

3. Ulaanbataar, Mongolia

en klassisk hytta i öppet landskap i mongoliet

To many, Mongolia is a strange, exciting and mysterious country. There is plenty to experience and a landscape that is incredibly unique and raw. The capital is Ulaanbaatar, and around 1.3 million people live there. Taste the traditional food or visit the Natural History Museum, where you can see, among other things, dinosaur skeletons from the Gobi desert.


4. El Salvador

El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America, but that doesn't mean that it is the least exciting country, actually just the opposite! Although most people who visit Central America are mostly traveling to Costa Rica, Nicaragua or Panama there's so many reasons as to why El Salvador should also be on your list. You will find plenty of tropical jungle and El Salvador is also a great place if you are into surfing.


5. Lake Titicaca, Peru & Bolivia

Upplev Titicaca sjön i Peru

Lake Titicaca is perfect for those who want relaxation in its purest form. You can visit the locals on the islands out in the lake. The farther you get out, the more cut off from the outside world are the locals, who often live without modern technology.

The lake is one of South America's largest and there are plenty of ancient Inca ruins around the lake. Look forward to having delicious seafood when dining at some of the restaurants near the lake.


 6. Madagascar

Upplev Madagascar

Off the coast of Africa lies one of the continent's greatest natural paradise, Madagascar. In addition to spectacular wildlife and magical beaches, there are two very different rainforests in the country; a tropical and a dry rainforest. A must is to experience the safari in Madagascar and walk some of the good trekking routes which takes you past magical waterfalls.


7. Tasmania, Australia

Upplev Tasmanien

Australia has so much to offer that many travelers completely forget about Tasmania, the country's southern point. The island is actually very much worth a visit, and offers everything from nice bars and festivals to trekking in the wilderness. The charming town, Hobart, is the island's largest and has been mentioned many times in the past due to the city's hospitable inhabitants.


8. Easter island, Chile

Upplev påskön

Easter Island ism't the most visited place, and there is a really good reason for that. The Chilean island is geographically located about 2200 km from the nearest inhabited island and 3700 km from the nearest mainland. So it's not exactly the easiest of trips to visit Easter Island, but once you've finally found your way there, you won't regret it. Look forward to experiencing the iconic stone statues, the beautiful beaches, the crystal clear waters, and don't miss the world-class surfing and diving.


9. Paje, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Upptäck Zanzibar

Looking for paradise on earth? The small fishing village of Paje on Zanzibar is pretty much that! You'll find amazing scuba diving spots, excellent kite surfing opportunities and lovely locals originating from many different places in the world. The sandy beaches are long, white and offer the most beautiful water for a swim. End your day drinking coconuts while watching the sun go down on the horizon. Sold yet?


10. Ushuaia, Argentina

 Upptäck Ushuaia

One return ticket to the end of the world, please! Ushuaia in southern Argentina is the world's southernmost city, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, rivers and lakes, birds, seals and penguins. Maybe you want to ski? You can! And Ushuaia is also the starting point for your trip to Antarctica if you have that on your bucket list.


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