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Uncharted Destinations You Must Visit


Get ready to feel inspired for upcoming adventures to uncharted destinations!

In a world as interconnected as ours it often feels impossible to find a destination that remains untouched by mass tourism yet still holds tightly to its unique customs, pristine wilderness or local charm. We give you the ultimate list of uncharted destinations for all adventure seekers looking to take steps off the beaten track. Because don't we all want to go to uncharted destinations that still remain to be discovered? We sure do.

One tip that counts for every destination on the list below is that going off the beaten track often requires being more flexible and open minded to change of plans which of course is the charm of exploring uncharted destinations. 

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1. Europe

Europe is a highly recommended area to explore, and there are a lot of uncharted experiences that is not yet influenced by mass tourism. We have highlighted two arctic places that serves great adventure and off the beaten track experiences very close by without having to travel far to get there. 


We all know that there are some big attractions in the Golden Circle in Iceland with waterfalls, geothermic areas and hot springs but there sure are a lot of other amazing experiences to add to the list as well. If you have a bit more time on your hands while visiting Iceland you will have a much more uncharted adventure if you go on a road trip around the whole island of Iceland. By doing so, you will explore the big variety of the landscapes that changes around every corner without being interrupted by anything or anyone. With the right equipment, you will be able to really go off the beaten track crossing rivers and gravel roads.


Imagining going to a destination where the sun doesn't set five months of the year. Yup, that's a true fact about Svalbard! This area is absolutely a great place to experience wild life and raw nature at its finest. But do consider when to go here because of seasons as there is basically no daylight during winter times. On the other hand, if you visit in the beginning of the winter season you might be lucky enough to experience the northern lights. 

2. Asia

Close to the equator we have chosen to highlight two amazing destinations in Asia


Also known as Burma, Myanmar opened up for tourism only a few years back and the amazing thing about Myanmar is that you really get this feeling of being in an untouched Asian destination that is still very true to it's heritage. If you are planning on visiting more destinations in South East Asia, we would definitely recommend this as your final stop because this is what you would probably expect a true Asian country to be like compared to more touristy destinations. The people are very religious and you can explore many Buddhistic temples across the country; but it's so much more than that. We suggest going to the Southern part of Myanmar where you will explore some of the most uncharted beaches in the world. You could even go kayaking and be lucky enough the spot footprints from the wild tigers. Although you have to keep in mind, that it is a little difficult to get into Myanmar, we would say that you should cross the boarder from Thailand on land which is also why Myanmar could be part of a bigger adventure, but again; that's the charm of going off the beaten track, right?


With the Philippines you will have over thousands of small islands at your feet; some a quite easy to access but there are definitely also a lot of unexplored islands. On the main islands you might find yourself surrounded by other backpackers but in general you have amazing spots to explore off the beaten track on the many other islands in the area. A super cool alternative to Myanmar if you are not completely confident in going to a super uncharted destination just yet. This might be a very good kickstart for your adventures ahead.

3. Oceania

Going to some of the pacific islands in Oceania is quite a trip itself, but we can for sure say that it's all worth the journey of getting there. 


Samoa is an incredible Polynesian island together with other islands such as the more well-known Fiji. We have chosen to highlight Samoa because it is less visited and not mentioned quite as often, which falls perfectly under the uncharted category. Samoa contains of two islands with amazing beaches although they are not as accessible as beaches might be on other islands. We recommend renting a car and go explore the islands by yourself, as you can even board the ferry between the two islands with the car. All in all a beautiful tropical paradise with a lot to offer.


This destination is an alternative to Samoa as it is more backpacker-friendly and not as uncharted as Samoa even though you will still be able to have the off the beaten track experience. Micronesia contains of a lot of small islands and we definitely suggest exploring the islands by boat to get a complete feel of the country. 

4. South America


Patagonia is a beautiful area in the Southern part of South America shared between Chile and Argentina also known as the hiker's paradise. The absolute best time to visit is in their summer which in our latitudes are between October and March. You are definitely in for a treat if you fancy big glaciers, open mountain landscapes and simply just very raw nature. You can go on a group trip or even rent a car yourself and go hiking for free with your own equipment (hiking experience in raw nature is definitely a big plus here). If you want it to be more organized there are great tours as well in the area. 


Everybody wants to go to Antarctica, right? It's the seventh continent that most people have on their bucket list for a long time or maybe even forever without ever going there. But we really want to encourage you to plan an adventure to this amazing place once in your life. Antarctica is like taking the glaciers, the mountains and open landscape from Patagonia and scaling it 10 (or even more) times. It is truly hard to put into words which of course is why you must explore it yourself! Going there is usually something you have plan in advance, because you go on an expedition cruise on 10+ days from South America to Antarctica and back. 

5. Latin America

Latin America is definitely one of the more exotic places in the world as it's near the equator providing great Latin and Caribbean vibes. 


Cuba is one of the more tricky destinations to visit and explore, and it will require a little more planning in advance. We would definitely recommend to rent a car or organize private transport when traveling around Cuba because then you will be sure that you go from A to B. Keep in mind that since not many people in Cuba can actually afford a car, the roads are not well-preserved but on a positive note it leaves the roads quite empty for you to ride. To go off the beaten track in Cuba, we definitely recommend for you to go out of the main cities and explore the national parks and their spectacular wild life!


Colombia sure is one of our favorites in the South America because of it's mixture of really friendly locals and amazing places to visit. Basically everything great is bundled into this destination although Colombia are still troubling with its stigma because of its heritage and history. This shouldn't scare you, rather the opposite because you will meet the most amazing locals and it only leaves the country with a lot of uncharted areas waiting to be explored.


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